Federal Officers in Portland Blinded by Lasers

Report: Three Federal Officers in Portland May Have Been ...
Slingshots, Pepperball, Urine, Lasers all used by Antifa, and BLM to injure officers.

Three Federal Officers have been blinded by lasers when terrorists in Portland used those lasers on Federal Officers who were protecting federal property after 55 days of ongoing attacks. Governor Brown, Senators Merkley and Wyden, along with Congressman Defazio have utterly failed Oregon with regards to rule of law, they along with Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland have allowed, sometimes even encouraged the protests by their opposing actions.

It is unknown if the blindness will permanent, only time will tell. Assault (Measure 11,) Assaulting a Federal Officer, Felony pointing of a laser device, Trespassing, and Rioting. Those are the charges you charge the rioters with, and anyone in the crowd who is doing it with them, charge them with accessory to all aforementioned crimes. Call your State Senator and State Representative, and tell them to make Brown and Wheeler do their jobs. I say Merkley, Wyden, Brown, Wheeler, and Defazio are all just as guilty as the people who are pointing the lasers.

In Oregon we as a people have always valued rule of law and it’s mix with allowing peaceful protests, the left tells you these protests are peaceful as a smoke screen, the leftist media portrays Moms and Veterans on the forefront of this, they are a screen for the real enemy, Antifa and BLM have a Marxist Agenda. The leader of BLM was quoted a few weeks ago, that if they did not get what they wanted they would burn it all down. Among the things BLM wants is abolishing prisons, and defunded police, reparations for being black. Not one person who was a slave in America is alive, nor is there one person who was a slaveowner alive.

Making reparations for an apparent lack of privilege, as a former police officer in Louisiana, I understand racism is real, not only is it targeted against blacks, but many hispanics, and asians as well, not to mention the reverse racism that exists in many of the inner cities of America. Racism is not the problem in America, the problem is the allowances of agitators, and rioting, the failure of the parental unit in the home. The kids nowadays who are doing the majority of the rioting are about the age that kids who we stopped spanking and started giving trophies for participating would be, coincidence?

America needs to get back to it’s fundamental rights and less government, we need to bring our military home, no more foreign wars, if countries attack us we fight a war we win we come home, we don’t try and fix their country in exchange for opium or oil. We just win and come home, we should be looking to politicians who want us out of wars, who want strong policing, who want American values in our schools, kids and homes. Remember to vote, make sure your friends and you vote for America.

Written by Stephan Ball

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