Oregon State Election Auditor Confirms US DOJ Investigation

Deadline to register to vote May 19 in Oregon is Tuesday at 11:59 ...

If you will remember we did a story a few months back on 413 reported cases here in Oregon where people said their Voter Registration was changed. We think the number is much higher but we asked the state elections board if there was an investigation. They informed us there was not, and that they had not been contacted by the US Department of Justice regarding the matter either.

I have confirmed that the US Department of Justice has now been in contact with the state election board regarding the registrations being changed and an investigation is ongoing. In a rather blunt email received from the elections auditor’s office, they refused to answer my questions regarding the matter, they would only confirm that they had been contacted about the matter by the US DOJ and that if we wanted to know more we would have to contact them. We are awaiting response from the DOJ on the matter.

Written by Stephan Ball

6 thoughts on “Oregon State Election Auditor Confirms US DOJ Investigation

  1. Both my wife and I had our party changed unexpectedly. We did not get to vote at the state level. tried everything. Then all the sudden it was changed back after complaining over and over. But it was to late.

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  2. I changed parties before the deadline to vote last May. I received my new card showing my new party. When it came time to received ballots, I received the wrong party ballot for the Primary. I called our voter registration office and the gal argued with me saying I had changed parties too late, past the deadline. I told her I was holding my new voter registration card and had not done it too late. She then told me I would be receiving a new ballot, which I did. Had I not called and talked to the voting registration office, I would not have been able to vote last May. I do not like the vote by mail we have in Oregon!

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  3. You Didn’t Really Expect The State Elections Board To Be happy about a Federal Elections Investigation, Did You!!
    Their Corrup Election Fraud Scheme Has Been Working Flawlessly for more than a Quarter Century, The Reason We have Not had a Republican Governor Since Victor Atiyeh!!
    Most Oregon State Employees are Democrats, and They Only Allow an Occasional “Token Republican” To Squeek Through To Protect Their Charade!!
    Here’s Hoping The Feds do a Serious Investigation!!

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  4. Know of 4 people 2 couples that had their primary ballot changed to Democrat. When
    They were registered as Republican, and had not moved, or recently changed
    Their affiliation.
    Because it was to late to change it back, they threw them in the garbage and
    Didn’t vote. Didn’t complain
    Said it was just a Primary.
    Still have not corrected anything. I asked why, they
    Said cause you can vote for
    Who you want for President
    On either ballot.


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