Oregon Finds No Peace in Portland

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The outside of the Hatfield Federal Building in Portland after a night of “peaceful” protests.

With 57 nights of riots/protests in Portland, we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, with the Main Stream Media finally moving on, evidently bored with the show. They knowingly let Oregon be a testing ground for the liberal ideology to take root, when most of the people arrested in one night during the riots are school teachers by trade we have to worry about the minds of our youth. Less than one hundred days until the election, this happened in 2016 with the Ferguson riots, Dallas, and Baton Rouge killing of police officers. The rioting virtually ceased for three years, that is until Democrats need to instill fear in the public again.

While I agree that the situation in Minneapolis was a horrible crime, committed by a very unprofessional group of police officers, I do not think the situation was motivated by race. The party of the KKK, the party of the slavers, needed a martyr, if it was not there it would have been somewhere else. Democrats need fear and hate to have a chance of winning, they cannot stand on anything else in this election.

President Trump had the economy booming, he had completed criminal justice reform, and lowered prescription prices, all things that Democrats had promised on but never delivered. Their hatred for him, being not from the establishment is what keeps them from working with him. He is not a politician, says mean things and does mean things, we did not elect a politician. Now that we know what it is like to put someone in office who is not a politician we should never elect another politician again. We need men and women like Trump, people who do what they say when they run, people who are not beholding to the large corporations or foreign governments.

It is each of our personal duty to call out crap when we see it. Point it out to our friends, educate those who say their vote does not matter, and who say it is a waste of time. Educate the ignorant, and lead the sheep of the left to the light of day. While you notice I keep religion out of my writing, as I believe that is a deeply personal decision for each person and that we should respect the personal beliefs of all people.

Rioting is not peaceful, as you can see with the photo above, some of these people who riot and agitate are not even from Oregon. These are the troubled people of their hometowns come to our Oregon to do this, our Governor, Senators, and even our congressional delegates have all turned on Oregon. I say we vote for Republicans Statewide, Alek Skarlatos is running against Peter Defazio in District 4 , we want Alek. Jo Rae Perkins is running against Jeff Merkley in Oregon for U.S. Senate, we want Jo Rae Perkins. Christopher Christenson is running against Suzanne Bonamici in District one, Christenson would be our choice. Alek Spenser against Cliff Bentz in District 2, with Bentz being the only choice. In District 3 we have Earl Blumenauer vs Joanna Harbour, Habour is our port in this storm. In District 5 we have Kurt Schrader vs. Amy Courser, and of course we want Courser to win there.

So get out the vote!

Written by Stephan Ball

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