Did Michael Forest Reinoehl, Antifa BLM member identified as man in video who killed Aaron Danielson kill over a Patriot or Trump support?

Victim Aaron Danielson

Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was named by The Oregonian Sunday night as the man family has now identified. Reinoehl who intentionally brought a weapon to protest to harm Trump supporters or Patriot Prayer members. Reinoehl social media boosts his two children and describes himself as 100% Antifa also sports a BLM symbol neck tattoo.

Reinoehl was identified by his sister after media displayed photos and videos. She claims her family and herself are all estranged from Reinoehl after he stole from her parents. Family after realizing what he had done reached out to the Police.

In June on social media Reinoehl posted “Every revolution needs people willing and ready to fight” “It will be a war and like all wars there will be casualties” calling protesters and Antifa Brothers in Arms.

Video captured of this horrific event shows Reinoehl saying “I got one here” reffering to finding a Trump Supporter then fires two shots and runs away as others attend to the victim. The scene does not look like an active protest. Only a few people seen on the streets and traffic moving as normal.

Hard to believe but this story seems to be avoidable at least in some part by Portland Mayor and DA’s office. Portland Police said the case was dropped earlier arrest for carrying a loaded gun charges dropped on July 30, and He was also arrested in July, accused of racing his 17-year-old son at speeds of up to 111mph. Leading many to encourage the Family of Aaron Danielson to file lawsuit for wrongful death against Portland Mayor Oregon Governor Kate Brown and DA’s office for failure to protect citizens against Antifa and BLM murders and injuries. If Reinoehl was off the street for his previous arrests this would not have happened to Danielson. Also having many ask why and how did charges get completely dropped?

This shooting and numerous amounts of social media pointing to the intent of Antifa BLM influence to do harm even death to anyone who appears to be a patriot or Trump supporter is really a rallying cry to America and Trump himself to declare both American Terrorist organizations. The hateful rhetoric spread by posts like that of Reinoehl is still allowed on Facebook Twitter and continues to influence violence has got to stop.

When any other group calls for killing cops or now just average patriots they are labeled right away. But BLM and Antifa hate speach is protected on social media like Facebook and Twitter we have to reevaluate why this is allowed to continue to grow and why they are not considered a Terrorist Organization. Trump did post a tribute tweet to Danielson. There is also a GOFUNDME account for Danielson’s business partner.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Danielson Family.

Written by Marie


Pelosi says Joe should not debate leading to speculation his cognitive ability is continuing to diminish.

As politicians get closer to election day they spend many days preparing for interviews political ads and most of their prep is devoted to debates. Many tireless hours working on how best to address hard hitting questions with sometimes a panel of professionals who’s job it is to best work out the kinks that may arise during a debate. Intentionally polishing the politician. This isn’t new to Joe Biden former VP of Obama. Politicians must be on top of their mental abilities to do well under stressful pressure and someone with diminished capacity would fail miserably. Many believe that the Democrats have discussed it and are trying to slowly announce they wish their candidate NOT debate at all.

Nancy’s statements about Biden not debating include Trump could use Biden to belittle himself. Americans who this year however are watching a steadily decline of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Many leftist media outlets have been using the term “gaffe” it’s meaning is: an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder. As America watches Joe Biden speak it is clearly confusion leading many hinting he may have Dementia.

His words to not seem unintentional. In fact many of his labeled “Gaffe’s” include him saying the same phrase over and over “I shouldn’t say this, but …” then rambling incoherent nonsense. His infamous “I got hairy legs” or “We can only re elect Donald Trump” or “I’m Joe Biden’s Husband Joe Biden” or not knowing his own location are hilariously used by the right as just a few examples of a very confused Biden. Videos show that these declining memory moments actually started with him as VP.

Sometimes however his labeled “giffe’s” are really thought out and very offensive such as his You ain’t blackcomments over any Black American voting for Trump. His offensive “Unlike Blacks Hispanics” His racist comments started while he was VP as well. Don’t forget his 7-11 comments about Indians. “Poor kids are just as talented as white kids” Joe Biden.

Like me, many Americans believe these are not gaffe’s but sometimes as his memory declines he lets racist remarks slip, unknowingly giving ammunition or as Nancy Pelosi calls it “Belittle” to the right. Shouldn’t someone call him out on this?

Americans have yet to really hear what Biden Campaign is really running on. Raising taxes is literally the only thing we know about Biden. Many believe the extremists of the Democrats are calling the shots for Biden. People are calling it “blunders or giffe” but it is only one thing mental decline and its really frightening that this is the Democrats best candidate.

I am going to predict only 3% of American Votes will go to Biden in the 2020 Election leading us to a Victory for Trump 2020. If you don’t think so then your a lying dog faced pony soldier ~ Joe Biden

Written by Marie

Day Two the of RNC

Melania Trump criticised for White House Rose Garden renovation
Melania Trump

Day two of the RNC was not as big a deal as Day one, however it did have some highlights that were not to have been missed. With Chad Wolf the acting head of Homeland Security Head swore in five naturalized immigrants, while President Trump looked on. President Trump then personally welcomed each citizen to the country by name, which I thought was very classy of him to do (especially for a Democrat accused Racist.)

There were other speakers who made appeals to the Cuban Community, the Puerto Rican Community, and a couple from Wisconsin. Eric Trump spoke in his speech about how passionate Donald Trump is and how he is so proud of his Father for taking this fight to the swamp, how he misses working with his Father, but that he understands the greater good his Dad is doing

By far the big winner of the night was upcoming Republican Party Star Daniel Cameron, the Attorney General for the state of Kentucky. He gave a personal speech about how free thinking black Americans are not beholding to vote for anyone, and that they should and are thinking for themselves and discovering that Trump is by far the best choice for America.

Kentucky AG calls Beshear's new action 'arbitrary' - ABC 36 News
Daniel Cameron Attorney General of Kentucky

The night closed out with Melania Trump, the First Lady, giving an long speech about all of the great qualities of her Husband. She outlined how growing up in a communist country and hearing about American freedoms inspired her to come here, she thanked her Parents, then she thanked her Husband for his tireless work on making the country great.

Written by Stephan Ball

White Nationalists Endorse Biden.

Richard Spencer Backs Joe Biden, Says 'MAGA/Alt-Right Moment is Over'
Neo Nazi Richard Spencer

When President Trump failed to be racist or failed to be the candidate the Neo-Nazi’s wanted, they came out and backed Joe Biden. Thinking Trump was going to be sympathetic to their cause Spencer backed Trump in the 2016 election, finding Trump was not, he has now backed Joe Biden. Spencer who is Antisemitic was not happy with Trump’s support of Israel. Spenser is also a socialist and as such the policies of Biden more align not only along the lines of antisemitic but as being closer to socialism.

With Joe Biden aligning himself with the members of the “squad” who are all known to be anti-Israel, he has attracted the endorsement of Spencer. Gathering the support of the Neo-nazi party in the process. Joe Biden has been pro-segregation on issues in the past, perhaps Spencer feels he will go back.

With California attempting to repeal anti-discrimination laws he may be right. Democrats are critical of any minority that speaks against them, more so that any white candidate, exposing their “mental plantation” mindset. They believe that people of color should support them without question, and when a person of color has their own opinion they crush them.

Historically the Democratic Party has been the party of racism, they are the party of the KKK, the party of Jim Crow, and the Party of Segregation. Why it is still allowed to be a party I will not understand, with the world tearing down any perceived racist statues, they should tear down the party of the KKK.

Someone told me the parties changed sometime in the 1960’s, I looked at them and said that was a myth then asked them to show me where the Republican Party was ever pro-abortion? They had nothing, remind the Democrats in November we do not tolerate racism. Vote Red down the ballot.

Written by Stephan Ball

Day One of the RNC

RNC 2020: SC Senator Tim Scott backs Trump on Night 1 | The State
Senator Tim Scott S.C.

Day one of the Republican National Convention was a lot more fun to watch than the DNC. We got to see Nikki Haley former Governor of South Carolina and Former Ambassador to the United Nations, and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. Both of them were amazing to watch, they speeches were uplifting and insightful, both sang the praises of President Trump and all he has done for America. I encourage people to watch, these speeches are not the dreadful, depressed, cousins of the DNC speeches given a week ago.

The best and most heartfelt speech was from former football star Hershal Walker, who said that Trump has been his friend for more than 30 years and that Trump is not at all racist. Alyssa Milano attacked Hershal Walker, ironically attacking a black man for speaking out in support exposing the Democrats and her own blatant racism, she also attacked Tim Scott and Nikki Haley, both of whom are minorities.

Day two of the RNC should be a fun watch as the featured speakers are;

  • First Lady Melania Trump
  • Eric Trump
  • Tiffany Trump
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
  • Senator Rand Paul
  • Nicholas Sandmann, who featured in a viral video last year in front of the Lincoln Memorial in the nation’s capital

Written by Stephan Ball

Mail in Voting puts Bias in a Supposed Unbias Vote

USPS Union has endorsed Joe Biden

With voting by mail already a thing in Oregon many feel it is fraught with corruption, with 56 cases of voter fraud in 2016, and here in 2020 at least 430 people’s voter ID changed without their permissions and the US Department of Justice investigating these changes. We as Oregonian Conservatives should be concerned when we see the United States Postal Service Union endorsing Joe Biden, and see every Oregon Democrat push mail in ballots.

Oregonians need to be concerned when a supposedly unbias process is put in the hands of a group that opening endorses a political candidate, especially when they are insisting on a national vote by mail under the guise of a protection from the Covid 19 virus. The President of our country is telling us that mail in ballots are not trustworthy, and we are just sitting here in Oregon taking it.

Oregon’s mail in balloting has always been suspect by Republicans in this state, seems weird that ever since we have had mail in ballots Republicans have had a distinct lack of high profile positions won yet being able to win regularly in most other places. With Democrats in charge of the investigations of mail fraud, and them in benefit of the endorsement of workers who handle those ballots, and a lack of any serious Republicans since the program began. It does not take a genius to see one plus one plus one equals three.


Vote Red!

Written by Stephan Ball

Kenosha Wisconsin Shooting of a Black Man in Question, It Will Affect Oregon

As you can see by the video an apparently unarmed black man was shot when he reached inside of a vehicle. Things the video that are not known, are what he was reaching for inside? What he had said to the officers? Had he been known to have weapons in the past? What was the nature of the original call, were the officers there on a domestic or some other case were he had made threats of going to his car and getting a weapon.

While the initial reaction when watching the video is shocking, we have to remember that we were not there, and a video shot from across the street does not show the incident from the Officer’s points of view, it does not see what they see.

Yet the left seems to take this as an opportunity to riot and even openly rebel against the law. I expect this incident will have consequences across the entire country. Such as with the Floyd death, and the shooting in Lafayette a couple of days ago. If there is an increase in attacks against police across the country, then it stands to reason that more and more police shootings will happen as the polices are backed into a corner and have to defend themselves.

I say we wait until the investigation is over before we pass judgement, but that has never been the way of the left, the way of reason. We need to make sure we vote red in November, This may be the last election we see for a while, for if the party who has police being defunded is elected we will see more and more lawlessness.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers released a statement criticizing the shooting before knowing the full details.

“While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country,” Evers said according to the AP. “We stand with all those who have and continue to demand justice, equity, and accountability for Black lives in our country …

Written by Stephan Ball

A Days Meaning for a Deplorable

For the last three plus years I have been wearing my “Deplorable” title with pride. Supporting a President who is doing what he said he was going to do during his campaign. Supporting a government that is actually trying to help it’s citizens rather than the millions of illegal aliens in the country.

Watching Donald Trump strengthen the military to it’s former self, if not stronger has been a highlight of his tenure. Watching President Trump defend himself against the senseless left wing media trolls has been great, he has had some of the best people as his press secretaries and they have certainly made the left wing media look foolish. In this running of the country Trump has shown that you do not have to be a politician to do the job, it is actually better if you are not one.

Will America elect a politician ever again? I hope not but fear that eventually we will as a country go down that road again, foolishly we tend to forget where we have been as a people. There are many who would like to see Trump in jail or even deceased, the comments online when he travels or when Air Force One was hit by a drone were sickening with people wishing he would have died. I shake my head in frustration, even at the worst time of Barrack Hussein Obama’s tenure I did not wish him dead, He made me physically ill on a daily basis with his lackluster performance and still I hoped he would do a good job for all Americans.

I wake up and walk to my computer each day to view the news and the days events, trying my best to stay away from the leftist media as a primary source of information. Even Fox news now is getting to be a little left in their day to day programming, but that should not surprise us as the longer an corporation exists the more corrupt it becomes as a general rule. While Tucker, Laura, and Hannity are all pretty good, Chris Wallace has really sold his soul to the devil. Him calling the DNC’s convention a success was the end for me, I was done watching him, he lost all credibility with me in regards to being able to be unbiased.

I find stories to write about from problems I see people having online with the leftist government we have here in Oregon. My goal is to help people navigate their rights and help as an alternative source of information to the mainstream media. If people knew me well, they would know I do not have many friends and those I do have are conservatives. I cannot not tolerate someone who thinks it is okay to murder a baby. I cannot tolerate someone who thinks it is okay to come and take my guns from me in my house. I do not like a government who keeps raising taxes to pay for more government or it’s mistakes each year. I do not like a government that tolerates lawlessness in the name of protests, while it murders a person who was actually protesting.

Written by Stephan Ball

Arrest Made in Portland Riot Assault

Marquise 'Keese' Love, 25, is on the run from police and allegedly posting to Snapchat looking for money
Marquise ‘Keese’ Love ’25’

Portland police have arrested the 25-year-old accused of viciously attacking a truck driver who was seen on video being violently beaten, jail records show.

Marquise Lee Love was booked in the Multnomah County Detention Center on Friday shortly after 5:30 a.m. local time, according to jail records.

He was charged with assault, coercion and riot, all three of which are felonies. The victim, Adam Haner was seriously injured and robbed while attempting to defend a transgender woman during a riot.

With an arrest made in the case finally, many people are surprised that the violence in Portland has continued for more than 84 days. With the end in sight, the November election, many think this unrest is simply a huge fit being thrown by a bunch of triggered youth over not liking the President and police in the country. One thing is for sure, no one is safe in Portland until a remedy is found. Make sure to vote for someone who loves the police and someone who will give us peace on the streets of Portland.

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Closes Out DNC by Telling the Truth About Democrats.

Even with the quarantine, you figure people would watch the DNC to see what they would be getting with a vote for Biden, but they didn’t with ratings falling every night steadily, and the first night down 48% from last years viewership. People see the DNC failing them, with 19 out of 20 of the worst cities in America run by Democrats and their policies, crime on the rise, and riots out of the control. Democrat run states far outpacing conservative ones in riots, murders, and rapes. With shootings up every major city in America, and massive increases in gun sales in states like California and New York Democrats have utterly failed to listen to the people.

Conservatives have listened, with criminal justice reforms, executive orders, and the appointment of more judges than any other President in History. Trump is doing his best to navigate the quagmire that is Washington D.C.

The Democratic National Convention did a few things this year that were outside the norms for the past 80 years. A former President ridiculed a sitting President showing that Barrack Obama is as without class as he was without a plan to get America working. A former first lady made a political speech, Michelle Obama came out in a plea to voters, this in direct opposition to long standing traditions of first ladies showing support and class for the future administrations. A member of the “Progressive Squad” came out in support of Bernie Sanders, and was staunchly crushed by Governor John Kasich, a Republican, that was apparently still sore at Donald Trump for crushing him in the 2016 primaries.

Democrats thinking they could lure away from Republicans the moderates by having multiple Republicans speak at different times did one thing for sure, it shows why we as a party of Conservatives have to stick together, Democrats no matter their stances all vote the same, they eventually show solidarity after primaries. Republicans are much prouder, when their primaries are over we still insist our candidate was the best, or we won’t vote for the other guy, well tough, we need to as a party vote together in a weaponized block of unstoppable power.

When Joe Biden slips up in a speech, sometimes he tells the truth. In the case of his speech at the closing night of the DNC he said ” There’s never been anything we have been able to accomplish when we have done it together,” summing up the Democratic Primaries, with Joe Biden originally getting slammed by Bernie Sanders, the party panicked thinking Sanders far left progressive ideas might win the day gathered behind Biden and his dementia and pushed him across the finish line. Their main problem now is Biden has to debate Trump, or does he? With the Covid Quarantine the two will likely not have to debate in person, even though more than half the country wants to see them debate, Democrats need to keep a lid on Biden’s angry outbursts of sometimes racist and unusual rhetoric.

Written by Stephan Ball