Antifa and Biden Linked


After obtaining screenshots and publishing story Biden campaign has updated its website.

What is Antifa? | News | Al Jazeera

So a friend of mine told me to do something, he had me type in on Google which brought me to a site that shows an internal error and asks you to refresh the page. Once you have refreshed the page you are diverted to the Joe Biden Kamala Harris page pictured below.

Image may contain: text that says 'cricket 2:24 PM x 46% … 500 Internal Server Error Please refresh this page or try again later.'

Does this mean Joe Biden endorses Antifa? Antifa certainly endorses Biden over Trump, lawlessness over a law and order President. Take time to look for yourself the connection. Sickness dwells in the minds of someone who thinks it is okay to riot and use violence to suppress the free speech of others, to attack the men and women in blue because they stand between you and anarchy.

Written By Stephan Ball

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