Democrats are Guilty of Riots

Black Lives Matter, Antifa Crowd Beat Man Unconscious in Portland ...
With a man jerked from his truck and beaten until he is near death, no cops in sight, no relief in sight.

With more than 80 days straight in the riots in Portland, we can clearly see Democrats are not fit to govern in Oregon. Portland Police Bureau would police if just given the order by the Mayor. That will not happen, with Wheeler up for re-election he is pandering to the Antifa in hopes of being re-elected, with Governor Brown silent, and Senators Merkley and Wyden in almost open support of the rioting, they are all guilty of the rioting, they are all at fault in the assault of this man.

Yet, what will happen? Another day of rioting will happen, again and again. Why is this happening? It is happening because Democrats let it happen, I personally know PPB officers who want to go in and keep the peace, who want to go in and make arrests, they are told to stand down. With two weeks of state police in the streets, they have pulled out most of their people due to a lack of prosecutions in Multnomah County by the District Attorney.

There is a simple fix for this, it will take four to six years of hard work on the part of conservatives, but we need to get the vote out. We need every Non-affiliated voter, Every Independent, and every Conservative vote to stand up and take our state back. Vote out every Democrat from their office, vote in conservative voices who believe in law and order, and take back Oregon before it is too late, hell! It might already be too late!

Written by Stephan Ball

2 thoughts on “Democrats are Guilty of Riots

  1. What about the mandatory mail-in voting process that basically holds us hostage to FRAUD? How do we deal with that?


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