Biden Closes Out DNC by Telling the Truth About Democrats.

Even with the quarantine, you figure people would watch the DNC to see what they would be getting with a vote for Biden, but they didn’t with ratings falling every night steadily, and the first night down 48% from last years viewership. People see the DNC failing them, with 19 out of 20 of the worst cities in America run by Democrats and their policies, crime on the rise, and riots out of the control. Democrat run states far outpacing conservative ones in riots, murders, and rapes. With shootings up every major city in America, and massive increases in gun sales in states like California and New York Democrats have utterly failed to listen to the people.

Conservatives have listened, with criminal justice reforms, executive orders, and the appointment of more judges than any other President in History. Trump is doing his best to navigate the quagmire that is Washington D.C.

The Democratic National Convention did a few things this year that were outside the norms for the past 80 years. A former President ridiculed a sitting President showing that Barrack Obama is as without class as he was without a plan to get America working. A former first lady made a political speech, Michelle Obama came out in a plea to voters, this in direct opposition to long standing traditions of first ladies showing support and class for the future administrations. A member of the “Progressive Squad” came out in support of Bernie Sanders, and was staunchly crushed by Governor John Kasich, a Republican, that was apparently still sore at Donald Trump for crushing him in the 2016 primaries.

Democrats thinking they could lure away from Republicans the moderates by having multiple Republicans speak at different times did one thing for sure, it shows why we as a party of Conservatives have to stick together, Democrats no matter their stances all vote the same, they eventually show solidarity after primaries. Republicans are much prouder, when their primaries are over we still insist our candidate was the best, or we won’t vote for the other guy, well tough, we need to as a party vote together in a weaponized block of unstoppable power.

When Joe Biden slips up in a speech, sometimes he tells the truth. In the case of his speech at the closing night of the DNC he said ” There’s never been anything we have been able to accomplish when we have done it together,” summing up the Democratic Primaries, with Joe Biden originally getting slammed by Bernie Sanders, the party panicked thinking Sanders far left progressive ideas might win the day gathered behind Biden and his dementia and pushed him across the finish line. Their main problem now is Biden has to debate Trump, or does he? With the Covid Quarantine the two will likely not have to debate in person, even though more than half the country wants to see them debate, Democrats need to keep a lid on Biden’s angry outbursts of sometimes racist and unusual rhetoric.

Written by Stephan Ball

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