Mail in Voting puts Bias in a Supposed Unbias Vote

USPS Union has endorsed Joe Biden

With voting by mail already a thing in Oregon many feel it is fraught with corruption, with 56 cases of voter fraud in 2016, and here in 2020 at least 430 people’s voter ID changed without their permissions and the US Department of Justice investigating these changes. We as Oregonian Conservatives should be concerned when we see the United States Postal Service Union endorsing Joe Biden, and see every Oregon Democrat push mail in ballots.

Oregonians need to be concerned when a supposedly unbias process is put in the hands of a group that opening endorses a political candidate, especially when they are insisting on a national vote by mail under the guise of a protection from the Covid 19 virus. The President of our country is telling us that mail in ballots are not trustworthy, and we are just sitting here in Oregon taking it.

Oregon’s mail in balloting has always been suspect by Republicans in this state, seems weird that ever since we have had mail in ballots Republicans have had a distinct lack of high profile positions won yet being able to win regularly in most other places. With Democrats in charge of the investigations of mail fraud, and them in benefit of the endorsement of workers who handle those ballots, and a lack of any serious Republicans since the program began. It does not take a genius to see one plus one plus one equals three.

Vote Red!

Written by Stephan Ball

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