White Nationalists Endorse Biden.

Richard Spencer Backs Joe Biden, Says 'MAGA/Alt-Right Moment is Over'
Neo Nazi Richard Spencer

When President Trump failed to be racist or failed to be the candidate the Neo-Nazi’s wanted, they came out and backed Joe Biden. Thinking Trump was going to be sympathetic to their cause Spencer backed Trump in the 2016 election, finding Trump was not, he has now backed Joe Biden. Spencer who is Antisemitic was not happy with Trump’s support of Israel. Spenser is also a socialist and as such the policies of Biden more align not only along the lines of antisemitic but as being closer to socialism.

With Joe Biden aligning himself with the members of the “squad” who are all known to be anti-Israel, he has attracted the endorsement of Spencer. Gathering the support of the Neo-nazi party in the process. Joe Biden has been pro-segregation on issues in the past, perhaps Spencer feels he will go back.

With California attempting to repeal anti-discrimination laws he may be right. Democrats are critical of any minority that speaks against them, more so that any white candidate, exposing their “mental plantation” mindset. They believe that people of color should support them without question, and when a person of color has their own opinion they crush them.

Historically the Democratic Party has been the party of racism, they are the party of the KKK, the party of Jim Crow, and the Party of Segregation. Why it is still allowed to be a party I will not understand, with the world tearing down any perceived racist statues, they should tear down the party of the KKK.

Someone told me the parties changed sometime in the 1960’s, I looked at them and said that was a myth then asked them to show me where the Republican Party was ever pro-abortion? They had nothing, remind the Democrats in November we do not tolerate racism. Vote Red down the ballot.

Written by Stephan Ball

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