Day Two the of RNC

Melania Trump criticised for White House Rose Garden renovation
Melania Trump

Day two of the RNC was not as big a deal as Day one, however it did have some highlights that were not to have been missed. With Chad Wolf the acting head of Homeland Security Head swore in five naturalized immigrants, while President Trump looked on. President Trump then personally welcomed each citizen to the country by name, which I thought was very classy of him to do (especially for a Democrat accused Racist.)

There were other speakers who made appeals to the Cuban Community, the Puerto Rican Community, and a couple from Wisconsin. Eric Trump spoke in his speech about how passionate Donald Trump is and how he is so proud of his Father for taking this fight to the swamp, how he misses working with his Father, but that he understands the greater good his Dad is doing

By far the big winner of the night was upcoming Republican Party Star Daniel Cameron, the Attorney General for the state of Kentucky. He gave a personal speech about how free thinking black Americans are not beholding to vote for anyone, and that they should and are thinking for themselves and discovering that Trump is by far the best choice for America.

Kentucky AG calls Beshear's new action 'arbitrary' - ABC 36 News
Daniel Cameron Attorney General of Kentucky

The night closed out with Melania Trump, the First Lady, giving an long speech about all of the great qualities of her Husband. She outlined how growing up in a communist country and hearing about American freedoms inspired her to come here, she thanked her Parents, then she thanked her Husband for his tireless work on making the country great.

Written by Stephan Ball

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