Democrats are Guilty of Riots

Black Lives Matter, Antifa Crowd Beat Man Unconscious in Portland ...
With a man jerked from his truck and beaten until he is near death, no cops in sight, no relief in sight.

With more than 80 days straight in the riots in Portland, we can clearly see Democrats are not fit to govern in Oregon. Portland Police Bureau would police if just given the order by the Mayor. That will not happen, with Wheeler up for re-election he is pandering to the Antifa in hopes of being re-elected, with Governor Brown silent, and Senators Merkley and Wyden in almost open support of the rioting, they are all guilty of the rioting, they are all at fault in the assault of this man.

Yet, what will happen? Another day of rioting will happen, again and again. Why is this happening? It is happening because Democrats let it happen, I personally know PPB officers who want to go in and keep the peace, who want to go in and make arrests, they are told to stand down. With two weeks of state police in the streets, they have pulled out most of their people due to a lack of prosecutions in Multnomah County by the District Attorney.

There is a simple fix for this, it will take four to six years of hard work on the part of conservatives, but we need to get the vote out. We need every Non-affiliated voter, Every Independent, and every Conservative vote to stand up and take our state back. Vote out every Democrat from their office, vote in conservative voices who believe in law and order, and take back Oregon before it is too late, hell! It might already be too late!

Written by Stephan Ball

Antifa and Biden Linked


After obtaining screenshots and publishing story Biden campaign has updated its website.

What is Antifa? | News | Al Jazeera

So a friend of mine told me to do something, he had me type in on Google which brought me to a site that shows an internal error and asks you to refresh the page. Once you have refreshed the page you are diverted to the Joe Biden Kamala Harris page pictured below.

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Does this mean Joe Biden endorses Antifa? Antifa certainly endorses Biden over Trump, lawlessness over a law and order President. Take time to look for yourself the connection. Sickness dwells in the minds of someone who thinks it is okay to riot and use violence to suppress the free speech of others, to attack the men and women in blue because they stand between you and anarchy.

Written By Stephan Ball

Kamala Harris, a Reason to Vote Red.

Senator Kamala Harris from California

Joe Biden’s team has selected Kamala Harris, still not sure if Biden knows, he might have even announced it, but does he really know? With cognitive issues looming in Biden’s performance, his hiding in his basement may be the best play the Democrats can come up with. Certainly bringing in an authoritarian like Harris will make some of his base happy, being a super left progressive and having failed records on criminal justice, drug enforcement, and legal standing, Harris brings little to the table except her race and gender.

With Harris most certainly being chosen on her race and gender, Democrats have once again shown they are the party of racism and sexism. Being the party who pushed for the crime bill, Jim Crow, Segregation, the KKK. The Party of the Democrats certainly never disappoints its founding base, however, the progressive left has made a critical mistake here, they have taken a candidate that was polling less than 2% when he dropped out, having been shellacked by Tulsi Gabbard in the debates for her incarceration of marijuana offenders and her hypocritical use of “weed” then laughing about it.

Harris was a prosecutor in California and by all accounts horribly abusive and authoritarian in her rule. Harris was a leader in the junta of Democratic state attorneys general that attempted to criminalize dissent in the matter of global warming, using her office’s investigatory powers to target and harass non-profit policy groups while she and her counterpart in New York attempted to shake down Exxon on phony fraud cases.

Until she was stopped by a federal court, Harris was sending out subpoenas on organizations such as the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a right wing group that is critical of Democratic global-warming proposals. She demanded private information that the organizations were not required or obliged to disclose, including financial information and donor lists, in order to be able to subject the supporters of conservative groups to legal and financial harassment. This was, as a federal judge confirmed, an obvious and unquestionable violation of the First Amendment, thankfully, no imagine her being the President, with Biden sliding fast, if they win, she will be President.

It was also a serious abuse of power. Harris’s actions were coordinated with those of then attorney general Eric Schneiderman in New York, who argued — preposterously — that Exxon’s taking a different view of global warming was a form of securities fraud. This isn’t a conspiracy theory: They held a press conference and organized their effort into a committee, which they called AGs United for Clean Power. Showing that having a difference of opinion is a crime to her and other members of the Democratic Party.

This was not happening in a political vacuum. At approximately the same time, the IRS was being weaponized to harass and disadvantage right-leaning nonprofits and policy organizations, for example, leaking the confidential tax information of the National Organization for Marriage as an act of political retaliation, an offense for which the IRS was obliged to pay a settlement. (The IRS’s other abuses, as in the Lois Lerner matter, remain largely unpunished.) A lawyer with connections to Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo attempted to extort billions of dollars from Chevron in a mammoth racketeering project that involved falsifying evidence and bribing judges, a project that was cheered on by green activists such as musician Roger Waters and Democratic operatives such as former Cuomo aide Karen Hinton, both of whom had negotiated for themselves a percentage of the settlement. That went on until a federal judge intervened on RICO grounds. Democratic voices in the media were calling for the authorities to — this part is even less subtle —“arrest climate change deniers,” a project to which activists such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. lent their voices.

Written by Chuck Chapin

Officer’s Body Cam Shows George Floyd Arrest

Video today presented by Daily Mail, who has exclusivity shows moment the arrest of Floyd.

I am a retired police officer with a 17 year career, a Master use of Force Instructor, and I was shocked when I watched the body cam footage. I was shocked by the lack of the ability of the officers to recognize what appears to be a case of Excited Delirium, Excited delirium (EXD), also known as agitated delirium, is a controversial syndrome that presents with psychomotor agitation, delirium, and sweating. It may include attempts at violence, unexpected strength, and very high body temperature. Complications may include rhabdomyolysis or high blood potassium, shock and death. ED as most officers call it, is caused by extreme intoxication by stimulant usage. A full autopsy report on Floyd, after being restrained by Minneapolis police last month, reveals that he was positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The 20-page report also indicates that Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death, although the drugs are not listed as the cause.

While I am not a medical expert, I am a Use of Force Expert, and trained to spot Excited Delirium. Does this excuse kneeling on his neck, absolutely not, however there are some circumstances we need to look at, did the officers know that Floyd was positive for COVID, if so that might explain why they did not use their hands to subdue him, but instead knelt on him.

While nothing excuses the “knee restraint” being used by the officer, it is just something that is not taught to officers. The knee restraint, heavy drug use, and ED likely together caused asphyxiation.

Written by Stephan Ball