Trump Pressures Biden Despite Wallace.

Rules set for Trump-Biden debate — and shaped by COVID-19
President Donald Trump, Chris Wallace of Fox News, and Former Vice President Joe Biden

I sat down to watch the first of three debates between President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden a little skeptical as to the fairness Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace would show Trump. I had seen Wallace critical of Trump far more than he has been of Biden in the past despite the many Biden gaffes.

President Trump came out swinging on Biden, though at first I thought he was being a bit of a bully, then quickly realized it was his strategy all along, he put pressure on Biden and rarely relented despite Wallace obviously trying to protect Biden. While both candidates made interruptions to the other often, Trump’s was more numerous, which if you do not know him makes him come off a bit like a bully.

What most people do not realize is that Trump’s strategy was to force Biden to gaffe under pressure then exploit those gaffes. While there were a lot of Gaffes on Biden’s part and one or two on Trump’s the largest and most prolific one was when Biden fell into a trap with Trump talking about law and order and law enforcement. Trump then told Biden ” You have no support from law enforcement, if you do who is it?” Biden was dumbfounded and stood there with an blank rebooting the computer look on his face and could not name one law enforcement agency or group who was endorsing him in the nation.

Biden said during one exchange that New York City was a Republican led city, perhaps still reliving the old days when Rudy Giuliani was at one time the Republican Mayor who cleaned it up. Biden also said that 100 million people will lose their pre-existing condition status on Medicare under Trump, there are less than 20 million even on the program and it is unknown how many of those have pre-existing conditions as that information is private.

When Trump went after Biden’s kid Hunter recieving 3.5 million dollars from a Russian Oligarch with close ties to Vladimir Putin, Biden quickly said he did not want to talk about his family with Wallace shielding him from what was certain doom.

With Trump pressured by one question he had problems during the night, a paired question by Wallace that asked Trump to condemn White Supremacy and militias, when Trump tried to explain that the two are not the same, Wallace interjected about the “Proud Boys.” Trump did not condemn the proud boys, nor should he, they are not a white supremacy group, they in fact are an anti-terror group aimed at combating the terrorism that Antifa and BLM put through our streets, both Antifa and BLM are made up of mostly white individuals with about as many people of color in them as are in the “Proud Boys.” Trump will not likely condemn militia as that is a right guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.

All in all it was a mess, Chris Wallace should never and I mean NEVER moderate a debate again in his entire career, his Father Mike Wallace would me ashamed of the bias and favoritism his Son showed during the debate. Clearly not the right choice Fox News to use Wallace, Laura Ingraham would have been my choice as the most unbiased and much better to controlling the debate.

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Will Likely be Drugged During Debate.

Trump calls for pre-debate drug test for Joe Biden - New York Daily News
President Trump tweeted that he would take a drug test prior to the debate, Biden refuses.

With the Presidential Debate just hours away, will Biden be drugged? The likely answer is yes, there is a drug called Namzaric (Donepezil and Memantine) that provides temporary relief from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. With it being clear Biden is in the throws of Dementia as has been attested to by multiple Doctors worldwide, the largest percentage of critical doctors are from countries overseas, maybe the least biased if there is such a thing.

President Donald Trump tweeted a challenge to Biden saying that he would take a drug test prior to the debate and asked Biden to do the same Namzaric (Donepezil and Memantine) can be detected in urine, Biden’s camp refused the challenge.

Democrats are making this election about Kamala Harris, showing that they have little confidence that Biden will last very long even if elected. The Biden’s camp thinking is that Harris can give them traction in the black community, where Biden used to show strength, however due to his gaffes lately his support is slipping among his base. Trump is seen to be surging among black voters expected to take in as much 30-40 percent of the black vote nationwide.

With Trump campaigning for hours, standing behind podiums and walking around, appearing to be in perfect health he seems to be as sharp witted as ever. Biden however has had no interviews longer than a 20 minutes or so in months, is seen standing very little, less than a half an hour at a time. When he has to stand for two hours and answer questions how will he do? Trump’s accusations are that Biden will do fine in the debate because he will be pumped full of drugs to keep him sharp, indicating that he will likely receive doses designed to inhibit his dementia for the two hours during the debate. Will it be enough? We will soon see.

Famous podcaster Tim Kennedy tweeted out a challenge that Joe Rogan should moderate a four hour debate between Biden and Trump, immediately the media began pounding Joe Rogan as being misogynistic, racist, and homophobic. Which of course is their way of saying “no.” Even though Trump has accepted the invitation to the fourth debate moderated by Joe Rogan, Biden has not accepted, nor is he expected to accept.

If Biden were subjected to a four hour Joe Rogan debate it would test the stamina of the candidate. Trump is seen to have a lot of stamina, no questions on that front the man constantly is working 18 to 19 hour days, and at the end still seems sharp witted. Biden has rarely been seen outside of his basement, and when he is at events it is for short periods of time. Each candidate can call what is known as a “lid” each day, which means they will be doing nothing all day and no press should be around, Trump has yet to call a “lid during the last 90 days, whereas Biden has called 9 of them in the last 30 days. Does this go to the mental or physical health of the candidate?

Written by Stephan Ball

The Oregon Conservative

Democrats worst nightmare happens tomorrow night.

Photo Via Fox Business

Democrats paved the way to cancel Biden doing debate all together. Leading with glitch worthy Nancy Pelosi suggesting that Biden not do the debate. Does lightening strike twice? Donna Brazile leaked the debate questions to Hillary Clinton would Dems be lucky enough to be able to do this for Biden? Many Political annalists have suggested that Biden might even wear a tiny ear piece to be spoon fed answers if his team can’t get questions ahead of time.

This all on the heels of Hillary Clinton telling Biden team not under any circumstances to concede to Trump. Does Hillary Clinton smell a Trump landslide? Leading many to fear that Democrats have a plan to undermine the election results. Many Dems hinting that they would fight the results legally, suggesting they also predict a Trump 2020 victory. Many leading Democrat journalist asking if Trump will gracefully step aside if he looses the 2020 race. It is frightenly similar to questions asked during the 2016 results by Hillary’s team.

To the chagrin of many it was Hillary that would not take the results well. Reports leaked that she was drunk and in a mood and could not concede. Snopes has tried and failed to debunk the reports listing it as “unproven” but does go on to list her tirades as drunken with sedative’s given by a doctor. It goes on to list those she tried to physically throttle. It continues with other violent outbursts and throwing of glass when her campaign didn’t like Matt Lauer’s questions for Hillary.

Videos have leaked of public questions to Biden that have also provoked violent outbursts. Video begins with worker asking a question about Biden and his gun policy’s that will take away our 2nd amendment rights, to which Biden says “Your full of shit”. Then telling his assistant to “Hush” when she tried to stop him. At one point in a video with a pointing his finger in the workers face. The man then says “This is not ok”. Biden then says ” Don’t tell me that man, I’ll take that outside with you” insinuating a physical altercation.

Along with Biden’s losing his temper being confused there is also an issue weather he can stand and or walk around for the full 2 hour stint. Biden campaign is asking for periodic breaks. Biden has yet to stand and answer any questions for longer that 30 minutes so far. Only time will tell if he even shows up to the debate. Some are speculating a last minute pull out for Covid19 related issues or some other newly invented reason that the debate should not continue.

Written by Marie

Trump and Biden Exchange Tax Blows

Trump has paid little to no income taxes, NYT says his returns show - KVIA

Illegally gotten tax returns by the New York Times have revealed President Donald Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 out of 15 years beginning in 2000 because he reported losing significantly more than he made, according to the report. Because of the losses, he can claim them against his taxes, which is not uncommon for most of us who have owned a business we know that taking losses and reporting them can often time offset the loss by allowing us to pay less in taxes if any. No surprises here except that the tax returns were illegally obtained and someone will likely go to prison for stealing them and giving them to the New York Times.

TOPSHOT - Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden makes a zero with his hand as he delivers remarks at an aluminum manufacturing facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on September 21, 2020. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)
Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

According to the Wall Street Journal,Vice President Joe Biden used a series of tax code loopholes to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes over the years. The Biden Family structured there family incomes into an S-Corporation in order to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, while not illegal it is pretty shady especially with the Senate Report out that much of that income came at the enrichment off of Joe Biden being the Vice President at the time. With Hunter, and Joe each collecting monies from the S-corporation loophole, and an investigation ongoing.

The press is following the wrong tax “evader” in this case. With Trump losing millions, he can claim those losses and not pay any taxes, which is a normal thing with business. Joe Biden, a career politician, forming a corporation in order to launder the family money into and avoid paying taxes is much more worrisome. With the explosive GOP report listing that the Biden family enriched themselves at the expense of the US Government, and with family monies being pooled into a corporate holding in order avoid paying taxes to the same government whom you were serving seems illegal, perhaps it is.

Written by Stephan Ball

Trump officially nominates Amy Coney Barrett for U.S. Supreme Court while Democrats attack her for adopting black children.

Barrett Family with Donald and Melania Trump

Nominee Amy Coney Barrett mother of seven children. One child has down syndrome, two children are adopted from Haiti. The left didn’t waste an opportunity to attack the mother for possibly illegally adopting the two black children.

According to an article by Dailywire “Democratic Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes, according to Boston Review, tweeted, “I would love to know which adoption agency Amy Coney Barrett & her husband used to adopt the two children they brought here from Haiti.”

Shockingly hateful and possibly racist tweets by Dana Houle shocked even some Democrats. On twitter Dana Houle lists adoptive parent under bio leading some to feel sorry for their adoptive children. After some digging it seems that Dana Patrick Houle 55 year old male is back living in Chicago after doing some work for Democrat campaigns in Washington DC area. Dana P Houle seems to live in a modest Chicago home takes a lot of time devoted to spewing hate against the new nominee.

6511 N Bosworth Ave

Pretty much all the Republicans and Independents were waiting for the Left to try and tarnish the record of Amy Barrett like they did Judge Kavanaugh. It has already begun. The Democrats don’t care about the Barrett children, they can’t call her a racist, so this is what they have left.

I like many Americans tonight want to send the most genuine congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett tonight and leave you with this thought. We should embrace a mother who balances life with 7 children one with special needs, a husband, religion, and as she described the endless amount of responsibility that comes with all of that and being a Judge with an impeccable reputation. I pray that America sees her great contribution and sacrifice.

Written by Marie

Governor Brown Spits on the Rule of Law.

A post from Governor Brown’s Facebook critical of a Grand Jury doing it’s duty.

With Governor Kate Brown posting the above message to her Facebook, it is clear she does not approve of Constitutional Rule of Law, in that charging instruments be taken before a Grand Jury to be sorted out. No doubt by her post she wants these officers charged, she wants to handle this the way of the left and let the radicals just do vigilante justice. We see you Kate, ignoring the laws of the land to post things like this to social media, shows why you should not be Governor.

Governor Brown has ignored perhaps even encouraged the violent riots in Portland for the last few months, by her inaction she has only emboldened the criminal terror in Oregon. With Kentucky handling their own case and one officer indicted in the case liberals are not happy unless all of the officers are indicted in what they believe is a wrongful death. While it was a terrible tragedy it is hardly worth indicting people for murder given the circumstances, given that I am just getting out of social media jail I will not comment on the exact case, but will go so far as do not trust the mainstream media when you read about it. A good source of information on the case is Daniel Cameron, who is the Attorney General of Kentucky.

This article is about the left’s apparent hypocrisy in ignoring or chastising the law when it does not suit them, but crying about it not being enforced when it acts to their benefit. If Kate Brown wants to just ignore the rule of law in Oregon, perhaps were should just go up there to Salem and remove her from office by force. Do you know why we don’t? We observe the rule of law, the right side, the conservative side still respects the rule of law in America.

Look at the fights between Antifa and the Proud Boys, look at how many times Portland Police have declared riots because of the actions of Antifa, 50 plus times, with only one recorded case for the Proud Boys, how many times has tear gas been deployed on Antifa? Hundreds, not one time has tear gas been deployed on Proud Boys. While I do not agree with the Proud Boy platform entirely, for the most part their protests are non-violent, while Antifa is not a protest but a riot almost every time.

Perhaps it is time for some of us conservatives to ignore the law and “protest” too. We haven’t done it yet, but if Biden is elected, we will know the “crybaby tantrum” tactics work and we should start using them.

Written by Stephan Ball

Antifa and BLM bad for business.

Riots and looting are sensitive subjects for Politicians, but what will the subject do to voters in November? Major businesses closed amid the violent rioting on U.S. streets. Mashing windows and decimating stores of the entire stocked items prompted many major retail stores to close, change security, and set riot hours. Trump has been outspoken on the issue, but some politicians still will not denounce the violence from BLM or Antifa which appears to be Democrat backed and Democrat financed.

So America has been hearing from our President about the fact that Biden would event after major event of looting and rioting say nothing to denounce the organizations. Then it appeared on social media everywhere when you go online to it actually goes to donation site for Biden Campaign. Which for a bit did explain his not totally condemning the violence. Biden profits of business losses. He is financially benefiting from Antifa destruction. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley actually made social media post in support of Rioters and Looters and the issue of the Feds taking the violent rioters into custody. You can’t make this stuff up. He mentions nothing of the cold blooded murder of Aaron Danielson on the same Portland streets by BLM Antifa member for wearing a Patriot Prayer hat.

These major retail stores have many employees which were directly effected by the riots and looting. How will this effect their vote in November? How much will retailers spend on supporting politicians that support them and their business. Small business failed by the crush of looting and damage to business. For many, in downtown Portland, will never return. The empty windows street after street show the effect on small businesses. The cost of looting and building destruction made the difference in staying open and closing for good. For small business and their supporters are likely to take the anger and frustration the the polls in November.

Washington Post article talks about how Covid hit business so hard and it was only exacerbated by loss of sales daily. Oregon is just one State suffering from Antifa and BLM. Viral videos of Target stores being looted shined a light to those who would never have even thought something like this would happen near them, to a store they frequented. Walmart at one point completely shut down stores for the potential event like Target had encountered. The fact that these violent riots and looting exist and Democrats are still pushing for these organizations to push their agenda of destruction and can still get votes defies logic. Benefiting from the Looting and Rioting seems to be a Biden thing, but evident that Antifa and BLM is hurting Business across the Nation.

Written by Marie

Portland Officially Declared “Anarchist” Jurisdiction

Feds explored possibly charging Portland officials for protests, riots |  News |
Anarchism officially Portland

Today, Attorney General of the United States William Barr has declared Portland an “Anarchist Jurisdiction”. This means that the Federal Government can legally hold back federal funds, grants, and any other monies going into the city of Portland. Portland will likely sue for the designation, but with little recourse, as they were given plenty of opportunity to change and did not.

The memo further ordered the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to recommend guidance on restricting funding to those cities deemed “anarchist jurisdictions.” The memo also outlined what cities had to do to get out from under the title assigned to them, and that was that they had to enforce and prosecute the laws protecting citizens, and property.

With over 100 days of straight riots, a killing, officers injured, and a Federal Courthouse attacked multiple times, with Mayor Wheeler sending a letter, telling the President he was refusing federal aid, then himself participating in the riots, Oregon has been severely wounded by Portland’s actions, as this will likely affect the entire state.

At least 74 individuals are facing federal charges for committing crimes while demonstrating in Portland, the DOJ said. With many of them facing more than 20 years in prison for multiple Federal Offenses. Our state should have policed itself, not been forced to do it by President Trump, don’t get me wrong, Trump is correct in enforcing the federal laws. It is our own state government and the city government of Portland and Multnomah Counties that should be ashamed and held accountable criminally for not enforcing existing laws.

It was not just Portland that got the letter, but Seattle Washington, and New York City New
York as well. Rightfully so too they should have, with the ever growing violence sweeping the streets, demands for defunding of the police, and an apparent lack of discipline among the populace, it is high time the federal government held back any federal funding until cities started performing their basic duties under governmental requirements. Ted Wheeler, Mike Schmidt and Governor Brown need to be arrested and charged with Official Misconduct for failing to enforce the laws fairly among all people and to even provide the basic services to the people of Portland.

Mike Schmidt, the Multnomah County District Attorney has said that there are more than 550 cases referred to his office for prosecution for the riots. He said these cases are felonies and that it is likely that the even more numerous misdemeanor charges on people for failing to disperse will likely not be prosecuted. Mike was interviewed on August 11th of this year he was likely to not even prosecute 400 of those cases he is referred which are felonies. He went on to say that when people are violating the law at the protests but not violent they will not be prosecuted.

None of the Oregon Democrats at the Federal Level have condemned the violence in Portland, Senators Wyden and Merkley all but encourage it, with Senator Merkley facing a Re-election campaign this year against Jo Rae Perkins who has condemned the violence in Portland, the choice is clear for conservative minded people.

Senator Merkley said with regards to Trump filling the Supreme Court seat that “nothing” is off the table with regards to resistance, which means he is encouraging the rioting and perhaps even further action, the “nothing is off the table” he is talking about includes civil war. Think about that, a sitting Senator encouraging resistance in an unlimited manner, this happened one other time, and that was in 1860 and 1861, when resistance unlimited by the Democrats meant the south went to war with the north. The Southern Democrats did not want to give up their slaves and were tired of the North’s industrialized victimization of the South’s resources, this time it is because they do not like a President who stands up to them.

Recall attempts in Oregon on Governor Brown had repeatedly failed, the last one failing by less than 3,000 signatures. Clearly a portion of Oregon, (pretty much anywhere not Portland) are not happy with Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler, if Oregon could give Portland to Washington we should immediately do so.

Written by Stephan Ball

Ginsburg Dead, as Democrats Threaten to “Burn it Down”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish: Not to have Donald Trump choose  replacement
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, dead at 87.

With the death of United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg Democrats across the country have threatened to “burn it down” if Trump tries to fill the vacancy before the election, even though Ginsburg said in 2016 that a President does not stop being a President in their last year in office. Reportedly, her Granddaughter has come forward that she had a last wish of not wanting to be replaced by Trump. So tensions are high, perhaps higher than they were in 2016 when Antonin Scalia died and Barrack Obama wanted to put a justice on the Supreme Court and was denied by a Republican Majority Senate until after the election, whereas Neil Gorsuch was appointed by Trump.

Democrats lose badly, and in this they have not done well, meltdowns of epic proportion are seen throughout Twitter, and Instagram, where people are calling for war, and to burn down the Supreme Court if Trump appoints a judge before the election. With Trump having already put forth a list of potential nominees of which Senators Ted Cruz, and Tom Cotton are members of, he has attracted the ire of many liberal leaders. Liberals are insisting that a liberal be nominated to replace Ginsburg, as she was seen as one of the most liberal judges on the court.

Ruth Ginsburg’s work on the bench was by liberal standards exemplary, she stood for LGBQT rights, and was pro-abortion, she was not viewed as a constitutional scholar but as a pioneer of progressive views. While her views were controversial, she was respected by both sides of the political spectrum for her service and her accomplishments.

Democrat Joe Biden has not put forward a list of potential picks as of yet, but one will be expected soon. With his campaign failing on the law and order front, and many seeing him as supporting riots across the country he will want to pick a law and order candidate to try and pull some of his base back after they have left in disgust over the support of the rioting and defunding of the police.

When President Trump was informed of Ginsburg’s passing he was very compassionate and said that she was a great jurist and she will be missed. Trump was very presidential and it was outstanding to see compassion and grace from a man who is seen by the left as having neither, proving them wrong. I have never been a fan of Ruth Ginsburgs, however I do respect her service and he selfless sacrifice toward her goals, she was one tough human, and I have to give her credit.

Written by Stephan Ball

“Hillbilly Brigade” saves Molalla From Fires

How a 'Hillbilly Brigade' saved an Oregon town from raging wildfires - NYK  Daily
“Hillybilly” Nicole West, on her bulldozer

As Nicole West steered her bulldozer through the forest cutting fire lines to prevent the small Oregon town of Molalla from being destroyed, she had her trusty Boder Collie alongside. Nicole is a member of a group of ad-hoc volunteers that came to the rescue of Molalla when the federal and state fire officials had given it up to the every growing fire.

About 1200 people from all walks of life suddenly had enough, and came together, people with no experience and others with tons, rose to the challenge the fire presented them. According to the Molalla Fire Department the “Hilbilly Brigade” saved the small town from certain destruction.

As the Riverside fire was bearing down on the town of Molalla the people were told to evacuate, and some 9,000 people did just that, leaving much of their personal belongings and memories behind. Today the people of Molalla can thank the brigade for it’s work, they did it for free, and many of them had jobs elsewhere. Lets take time to thank them Oregon.

Written by Stephan Ball