Attack on 7 year old Riley, a Trump supporter, to steal his MAGA hat leads me to this question. Is free speech only for Democrats?

Olivia and her friend Camryn decided to attack 7 year old Riley to steal his hat and destroy his private property near the Democrat National Convention. Riley’s mother videotaped the encounter on her cellphone. Riley, using his right to free speech, sat with a sign showing his pick for the 2020 election. The two young Biden supporters attack him steal his hat and verbally attack his mother and violate his right to free speech. At one point appear to kick at the 7 year old who is in the video crying for his possessions back. The hat is passed back n forth between the two women as Olivia is heard saying “I don’t care your mom likes Trump”.

Olivia M. Winslow and Camryn Amy Democrat thugs who attacked a 7 year old

Video of these two thugs even got the attention of Donald Trump Jr. calling for Police to find the suspects with a tweet.

Attacks like this are actually becoming more and more common. A New York Gallery Owner, Jahangir Turan, 35, said Thursday that he was beaten up by 15-18 people two days earlier on Canal Street in SoHo. Started with a woman flipping his Trump hat from his head, then distracted, the crowd attacked him from the back. The attack left him bloody and bruised as the crowd of Democrat Biden supporters kicked him repeatedly. Left him with broken bones under his eyeball. In Turan’s case not one person was arrested.

Even on your private property your not safe from Biden Fans. Police in Hales Corner reported that On Aug. 17, two residents reported having Trump signs and “support the police” signs taken from their yards during the middle of the day. Police found the signs spray-painted with “BLM,” and displayed at Schoetz Park, which is about five blocks west from where both residents live.

Lawn Pirates

Lawn Pirates a term coined from Trump and Patriot Supporters to describe Democrats Liberal Karens BLM Antifa thugs that trespass and steal Trump Memorabilia. No neighborhood is safe. Several Bel Air homes hit Trump signs stolen as well. One Grand Chute neighborhood has had Trump thefts too. Videos show neighbors telling Spectrum News they don’t like their Free Speech violated and will only put out bigger and more signs to confront the thieves. Tabernacle and Woodland townships have had several homes hit.

It’s not that easy however to find any violence toward 7 year old Biden supporters. I’ve scoured the Internet looking for children who support Biden. I literally cannot find one. All that child sniffing has them scared maybe?

I have tried to find Biden support that gotten them beaten and bones broken? I can’t find it, can you? Please comment here or on our Facebook page add links if you see crimes from Trump supporters stealing Biden hats. Are there Biden hats? I haven’t actually seen one.

Written by Marie

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