Back the Blue, or Leave America

Being called a “racist” for backing the blue is a badge of honor

17 years I was a police officer, having done just about every job in law enforcement from School Resource Officer to Firearms Instructor, from Officer to Lieutenant. I know that police officers face day to day challenges that make most people either puke or cry, yet they keep a straight face and do a very professional job in almost every case. There are a few bad apples and no one wants them gone more than the officers they sit beside every day. Unions protect these “slugs” and they are hard to get rid of.

Now that I am retired I “back the blue” I can voice my opinions and I can call out those who hate the police and tell them that they are full of shit. I held my tongue for many years both in person and in my writing as I feared that doxing and hateful suppression of my free speech might get my fired from my job, being retired I can stand for those who won’t or cannot defend themselves, my Brothers and Sisters in Blue.

Being a police officer was the most rewarding and hardest job I have ever done. Being a Marine, a soldier, and managing numerous small businesses, the cop thing was the very best and the worst. I am medically retired with PTSD from line of duty shootings, so when I see these real world events happening they strike close to home. That shooting in Kenosha WI is very similar to one of mine, except the suspect was white. Never a question on whether is was justified, but we as Americans have forgotten that day to day our blue protectors are fighting a war to keep us from chaos.

We see the NBA and the NFL take a stand against police excessive force, I stop watching them, buying their gear, and tolerating their spoiled brat attitudes. We The People have the power, we need to use it. stop buying their products, stop watching their shows, and be vocal in our support for the blue. The police where I am enjoy the support, they enjoy pro-police protests, I see the smiles on their faces and the winks in their eyes, they know we back them from being defunded.

I challenge any NBA or NFL player who wants to take knee to instead put down the ball and pick up a badge, be a cop, hell volunteer at a local police department instead of smoking weed and partying, then calling the cops bad and thinking there is racial injustice. Here is the injustice I see, the fact that the media will cover a privileged sports player kneeling on a flag while they fail to cover the recovery of 39 missing kids in Georgia, it took four hours for CNN to report on the Kenosha shooting, and four days to finally report of the recovery of those missing kids in Georgia. If you don’t believe me google it.

I dare you to pick up a badge, instead of playing a kids game and getting paid for it, stand on the wall between chaos and law, between rioters and free law abiding citizens. I dare you to think you can do a better job, when these men and women are the best our country has to offer and all you are are spoiled babies with too much money and time on your hands.

Written by Stephan Ball

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