Governor Brown Spits on the Rule of Law.

A post from Governor Brown’s Facebook critical of a Grand Jury doing it’s duty.

With Governor Kate Brown posting the above message to her Facebook, it is clear she does not approve of Constitutional Rule of Law, in that charging instruments be taken before a Grand Jury to be sorted out. No doubt by her post she wants these officers charged, she wants to handle this the way of the left and let the radicals just do vigilante justice. We see you Kate, ignoring the laws of the land to post things like this to social media, shows why you should not be Governor.

Governor Brown has ignored perhaps even encouraged the violent riots in Portland for the last few months, by her inaction she has only emboldened the criminal terror in Oregon. With Kentucky handling their own case and one officer indicted in the case liberals are not happy unless all of the officers are indicted in what they believe is a wrongful death. While it was a terrible tragedy it is hardly worth indicting people for murder given the circumstances, given that I am just getting out of social media jail I will not comment on the exact case, but will go so far as do not trust the mainstream media when you read about it. A good source of information on the case is Daniel Cameron, who is the Attorney General of Kentucky.

This article is about the left’s apparent hypocrisy in ignoring or chastising the law when it does not suit them, but crying about it not being enforced when it acts to their benefit. If Kate Brown wants to just ignore the rule of law in Oregon, perhaps were should just go up there to Salem and remove her from office by force. Do you know why we don’t? We observe the rule of law, the right side, the conservative side still respects the rule of law in America.

Look at the fights between Antifa and the Proud Boys, look at how many times Portland Police have declared riots because of the actions of Antifa, 50 plus times, with only one recorded case for the Proud Boys, how many times has tear gas been deployed on Antifa? Hundreds, not one time has tear gas been deployed on Proud Boys. While I do not agree with the Proud Boy platform entirely, for the most part their protests are non-violent, while Antifa is not a protest but a riot almost every time.

Perhaps it is time for some of us conservatives to ignore the law and “protest” too. We haven’t done it yet, but if Biden is elected, we will know the “crybaby tantrum” tactics work and we should start using them.

Written by Stephan Ball

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