Democrats worst nightmare happens tomorrow night.

Photo Via Fox Business

Democrats paved the way to cancel Biden doing debate all together. Leading with glitch worthy Nancy Pelosi suggesting that Biden not do the debate. Does lightening strike twice? Donna Brazile leaked the debate questions to Hillary Clinton would Dems be lucky enough to be able to do this for Biden? Many Political annalists have suggested that Biden might even wear a tiny ear piece to be spoon fed answers if his team can’t get questions ahead of time.

This all on the heels of Hillary Clinton telling Biden team not under any circumstances to concede to Trump. Does Hillary Clinton smell a Trump landslide? Leading many to fear that Democrats have a plan to undermine the election results. Many Dems hinting that they would fight the results legally, suggesting they also predict a Trump 2020 victory. Many leading Democrat journalist asking if Trump will gracefully step aside if he looses the 2020 race. It is frightenly similar to questions asked during the 2016 results by Hillary’s team.

To the chagrin of many it was Hillary that would not take the results well. Reports leaked that she was drunk and in a mood and could not concede. Snopes has tried and failed to debunk the reports listing it as “unproven” but does go on to list her tirades as drunken with sedative’s given by a doctor. It goes on to list those she tried to physically throttle. It continues with other violent outbursts and throwing of glass when her campaign didn’t like Matt Lauer’s questions for Hillary.

Videos have leaked of public questions to Biden that have also provoked violent outbursts. Video begins with worker asking a question about Biden and his gun policy’s that will take away our 2nd amendment rights, to which Biden says “Your full of shit”. Then telling his assistant to “Hush” when she tried to stop him. At one point in a video with a pointing his finger in the workers face. The man then says “This is not ok”. Biden then says ” Don’t tell me that man, I’ll take that outside with you” insinuating a physical altercation.

Along with Biden’s losing his temper being confused there is also an issue weather he can stand and or walk around for the full 2 hour stint. Biden campaign is asking for periodic breaks. Biden has yet to stand and answer any questions for longer that 30 minutes so far. Only time will tell if he even shows up to the debate. Some are speculating a last minute pull out for Covid19 related issues or some other newly invented reason that the debate should not continue.

Written by Marie

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