Censoring, Corruption, and The Deep State.

A meme saying what most of us are thinking.

When cracked-out Hunter Biden dropped off his lap top to the computer shop, do you think he knew it would be used to undo his Father’s Presidential Bid. When the New York Post did a story featuring this Twitter banned their account, citing before the U.S. Senate that they had been asked by the FBI to do it, if any media showed Joe Biden in a bad light. FBI Director Wray has been silent on whether the FBI instructed Twitter to interfere in the election, much as they did in the 2016 election when they were called upon by then Barrack Obama and Joe Biden to investigate the Trump Campaign.

Section 203 Sec. 2.  Protections Against Online Censorship.  (a)  It is the policy of the United States to foster clear ground rules promoting free and open debate on the internet.  Prominent among the ground rules governing that debate is the immunity from liability created by section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act (section 230(c)).  47 U.S.C. 230(c).  It is the policy of the United States that the scope of that immunity should be clarified: the immunity should not extend beyond its text and purpose to provide protection for those who purport to provide users a forum for free and open speech, but in reality use their power over a vital means of communication to engage in deceptive or pretextual actions stifling free and open debate by censoring certain viewpoints.

When the government or big tech uses it’s assets to censor or investigate a political rival without probable cause, they are in violation of U.S. Law. So what have they not been prosecuted or sued? Well the Democrats continue to double down, leading a campaign of duplicity on media and within Congress to keep themselves and their party protected, Republicans have never been a party that prosecutes and presses issues when it comes to rule of law.

With times changing, one side pro-globalist, and the other side more nationalist and capitalist a war of sorts is being waged. A ware of censorship, corruption, and deeply embedded bureaucrats who believe they run the government instead of those we elect. Donald Trump is a candidate that is outside of their mold, and that scares them, they cannot control or what he does. The fact that he is successful even with so much resistance shows the people of this country that life long politicians are not the answer.

During a Trump second term you will likely see Director Wray fired, as he has been ineffectual in stemming the deep state from interfering yet again in an election. We need someone who has not been with the bureau before, someone honest and hard working to lead the FBI. Either we get new leadership in the FBI or we disband it, reform something else, that can do the job with much less bureaucracy. The problem with Washington D.C. is that it is full of Bureaucrats, we could use a revolving national capital, every two or four years the national capital moves to a random state capital. This would slow or even stop lobbyist from being able to entrench themselves and influence our politicians.

Having term limits in place would be a good start, allowing for four terms as a Representative, and two terms as a Senator. We already have it in place for our governor, and she has been in there far too long. We need a state ballot measure to establish those term limits for Oregon, perhaps the country will follow suit.

Written by Stephan Ball

Why Americans should take a deep look and Jill Biden.

EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child
  • Published: October 28th 2020

Jill and Joe Bidens daughter left her personal diary behind in a rental home and now we get a confirmation on what is on Bidens son Hunters laptop. Trama and sexual issues in her diary in entries. Very private personal information about her therapy and issues with her mother.

Jill is described as emotionally unavailable and possibly distancing herself from her daughter for inappropriate relationship between Joe Biden, Ashley Biden dad and daughter. She writes details of having to shower with her father and having to be wiped too late in the game.

Also indicating that instead of her mother protecting her she distanced herself emotionally to Ashley knowing the family predilection for underaged girls. Jill certainly knew her husband had a predilection for underage females because of the media push to show pictures and video of him smelling and touching young girls. Intimate messages and writings from her own children would make this very clear to the world what Jill knew and by when.

She also recalls to being sexualized at a very young age, somewhere about 5 years, with Caroline referring to her cousin Caroline Biden. Implying that family or someone close to the family made her feel sexualized with her cousin.

Ashley Biden’s Diary

This certainly not something her mother would not know. The family knows and many printed pictures of text messages from Hunter about the family knowing of his inappropriate relationship with girls who were underage. Text messages mention that his mother Jill is the one who made the accusations and why he could no longer be around “unnamed daugher”. As to who’s daughter was redacted.

Even though it was redacted for America Joe and Jill knew and they helped cover it up. Find the messages here. Messages that again mention Jill saying that he was sexually inappropriate with kids. and that he wont be aloud around the daughter unless his dad Joe is around as well. Everything is indicating that Jill knew, Joe was in denial but both were in cover up mode.

Shocking Text Messages Show Joe & Jill Biden COLLUDED To Cover Up Hunter’s Actions With A MINOR

As a mother looking at this you can’t help but to be sick to your stomach that this is who your married to, this is also what you created and brought into the world and are now forced to clean up after. Her clean good mom image is now shattering all over and the world is watching it.

Shocking Text Messages Show Joe & Jill Biden COLLUDED To Cover Up Hunter’s Actions With A MINOR

The world doesn’t care if it’s your beloved husband or son when little girls are their victims. The world sees the images of girls being sexually assaulted by rich powerful men and the loving mothers who help cover it up as sick one in the same.

Written by Marie

Hunter Biden Laptop Linked to Money Laundering, FBI Confirms

Hunter Biden's 'signature seen on receipt from laptop repair store' that  exposed his 'crack and sex' scandal
According to Sources the Hunter Biden Laptop contains images of him smoking crack cocaine, and emails of him doing Quid Pro Quo using his Father then Vice President Joe Biden

According to the Director National Intelligence John Ratcliffe confirmed today that the FBI has connected the “Hunter Biden” lap top to a Money Laundering Investigation the FBI is currently conducting. Ratcliffe said this investigation started in December of 2019, and no mention of the laptop or the investigation was ever mentioned, that is until the actual laptop emails were provided to the New York Post last week.

Twitter and Facebook reportedly censored the New York Post story in an apparent effort to limit it’s damage to Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and his campaign, Twitter who made considerable donations to Joe Biden’s campaign has most likely broken campaign finance laws by censoring the story according to Fox News. Twitter and Facebook CEO’s are facing subpoena for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, where they will likely have to answer questions about why it looks like they meddling in the election by favoring the Democrats.

According to law enforcement officials who are acting as sources who have seen what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop, there appears to be child pornography, torture, drug usage, and email showing the Joe Biden is linked to Burisma, and Hunter Biden’s financial dealings. According to Joe Biden he was responsible for getting the prosecutor looking into Burisma fired by withholding 1.5 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine. The aid he threatened to withhold was a needed for the Ukraine in it’s then ongoing conflict with Russia.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrats desperate to force Trump to disavow Qanon. Why?

Savannah Guthrie Trump Town Hall

Savannah Guthrie was desperate to have Trump disavow a group of what she calls “Conspiracy Theorist”, but why? Why not use your time to ask Trump real hard hitting questions that Americans would get answers to things that make a real change to their day to day life? The Democrats desperate to put out one narrative that Trump just wasn’t going to allow.

Fielding the same old question about White Supremacy Trump said “I have disavowed them for years”. Trump says he disavows White Supremacy as he does with Antifa. He then asks why Biden isn’t at least asked by the Left why if Biden would disavow Antifa too? Why is Biden not asked the tough questions about his son. Why is Biden always given questions a toddler would be able to answer? Why is Biden given a pass with racist comments?

Why is it so important to Savannah Guthrie to disavow a group that is so Anti Child Pedophile that they work very hard to expose the Hollywood elite that are involved. The idea that Pedophiles, who many Americans to be some of the sickest people on the planet, could also be so sick as to warship the devil isn’t that far fetched an idea is it? I mean who else would one expect to worship if they were involved in child trafficking?

Many sex trafficking rings have been exposed since the Q theorists mentioned it. Large amounts of children in several cases have been recovered like have been in Georgia. In Atlanta Georgia nearly 40 missing children were recovered in a two week operation to save children from child trafficking ring. This is abhorrent behavior that everyone should disavow like Qanon does. But Savannah Guthrie would rather hate them than say the violence and destruction of Antifa.

Antifa is responsible for human deaths and Biden would disavow them. Moderators won’t even ask him too because they contribute to his campaign. CNBC won’t ask tough questions to the Left because the Left can’t answer any of them.

Qanon can continue the vigilante work of recovering missing often exploited children and the rich and famous that are bank rolling it. Don’t be surprised if Biden and his son have direct ties to the next big ring exposed.

Written by Marie

Springfield Oregon Spirit Halloween on Gateway Street pushes Trump as a Devil for the corrupt Left.

Is Spirit Halloween trying to impact Voting in 2020 Election? This Anti Trump Anti American bias from an individual store manager or policy of Spirit Halloween Corporate Office?

We contacted Spirit Halloween Legal and Media Department this morning after Social Media posts of pictures from the Gateway Springfield store broke. Spirit Halloween Corporate said they would contact our website for media comment which they have not done.

Pretty bold move since Covid-19 has drastically lowered sales as traditional Halloween and events are canceled across the Nation. many Americans want to put their money into places that aline with their views. This is why so many boycott businesses with views that seem to not morally aline with their views.

Daisy Proud Antifa member posts often incite personal attacks on individuals who support the United States and or Trump.

Daisy Passenger boasts of his/her Antifa membership with posts that often incite attacks on persons who show support for The United States and for the President.

Prior posts about Antifa protests and anti protests in Springfield. More specifically individual anti protesters with pro Trump affiliations. This is what the Antifa Movement is fueled by violence and destruction like we have seen in Portland.

How Facebook has not ban this person yet is beyond us. The leftist following he/she has also does not disappoint with spreading hateful messages. And the left wondered why 2016 had a Trump Victory.

Antifa Member boasts of employment at Walmart Stores

I will put my prediction out there that is sort of hate spread by Antifa will ensure another victory in 2020, by a landslide! Americans are sick and tired of this propaganda spewing hate filled posts and attacks.

More Tolerant leftists comments.
Again leftist spread vile messages of tolerance.
Even leaving dishonest fake reviews isn’t below these people. The always inclusive Left showing who they truly are. Spreading hate wherever they go.

These attacks and foul messages is that the aim of Spirit Halloween? Has Sprit Halloween aligned with the corrupt left? Would you shop at a Anti Trump store?

Written by Marie

Twitter Bans Blacks for claiming they Vote Trump.

Twitter able to legally ban Black voices claiming they are Russian. I would love to see people banned on Twitter if they have a Russian IP address but this legal discrimination has got to end. We must collectively sue Twitter.

Darren Linvill, a social media disinformation researcher at Clemson University, found more than two dozen such accounts, which had generated some 265,000 retweets or Twitter mentions. And this is a threat to Democrats who keep paying for polls to say Trump as 10% of the Black Vote. However if you look at social media such as Tik Tok you will see there is quite a following for Black Conservatives like Cadace Owens and the Hodge Twins.

Yesterday we posted about Hodge Twins Facebook links to their Merch website was corrupted with FB algorithms to forbid the site from being shown. You have to edit the link yourself to purchase Merchandise from Hodge Twins website which you can find HERE.

The attacks on Blacks from Social Media Giants show the real intentions of the evil Democrats. Such a disgrace to Democracy and Voting. This simply is not the view of the Republicans and why we see a big push for Blexit the Black Exit of the Democratic Party.

Shame on Twitter. Shame on Facebook. Do not let this deture you from ending the Racist Left. Do not let corrupt Media who pushes and Anti American Anti Trump corrupt agenda with no consequences. If your are Black and voting Trump the ACLU has failed you!

Written by Marie

Antifa and the Left Hate America

Public Works Crews attempt to clean graffiti that depicts Antifa and BLM’s goal.

Using Fascism to suppress the rights of a free people is nothing new in the world, it is not even new in The United States. With the end of the civil war and the freeing of America’s slave population the leftists then, the Democrats created the KKK (Klu Klux Klan,) they were the militant arm of the Democratic Party. Having been used up and having seen the error of their ways by using a full frontal assault they have decided on subtlety, The Democrats have decided to tear apart America and institute their racist and fascist principles by using an (ideology) organization called Antifa to do their violence, suppress free speech, religious liberties, riot, vandalize, and terrorize anyone who does not agree with them. This is fascism, how ironic right?

Even the Black Lives Matter movement is not immune to be suppressed by Antifa. When they attempted to spread their initial messages across America that police were excessively violent against people of color, their message was hijacked by mostly white Antifa and used as a reason to riot and further the message of Antifa.

Antifa and BLM destroy a statue of Abraham Lincoln

With Black America being used again and again by Democrats for their show, then being discarded only to be brought out and dusted off every two and four years, promised everything Democrats to get their vote but delivered into high crime, poverty, poor policing, and undereducation. Black America is waking up, while Trump had gotten approximately 8% of black votes in 2016, he is estimated to be getting 30% of the black vote in 2020. Movements like Blexit and Black Unity have moved the base further to the right. Along with the progressive movement of the Democratic Party calling for massive cuts to manufacturing jobs across America which will hurt Black and Hispanics most. Many of those high paying jobs only came back recently due to President Trump and his polices, Democrats threaten to take them away again with job killing regulations and taxes, this has many in those communities up in arms. Yesterday in Washington D.C. there was a Blexit march, where 2k minority marchers were seen in support of President Trump, which would be a first for a Republican President in many decades.

Antifa and BLM Graffiti that says it all with a picture

While BLM’s founders are anchored in communist ideologies the gist of the message is that police are excessively violent in black communities and that needs to be changed through more training for police, and perhaps better mental health for the officers and for response teams.

We can change the inner cities of America by creating more jobs in those communities, encouraging minority Fathers and Mothers to work together to raise their children. We can provide school choice, and merit based learning/teaching to the children who go to school there. With many kids in the poorest areas not able to change schools, we need to make performance based teaching a thing, as teachers in those areas just punch a time clock and are more like prison guards than actual teachers, protected by strong unions that make it hard to discipline for their lack of meeting national standards. With cities like Baltimore testing very few kids in the city at grade level in reading, spelling and math, America is waking up. Oregon needs this wake up call, being run by Democrats for decades, Portland is bleeding people and businesses like a hemophiliac at a razorblade convention, many conservatives wish we could just give Portland to Washington.

Wake up to Antifa! and their ideology/organization, they push a communist/fascist agenda and will suppress any who stand in their way or speak against them while pretending to be Anti-fascist, what better thing to say then to use fascism against people and call them the fascists. I personally have been threatened by members of Antifa, saying that they have me on a “list” of troublemakers, and that they know where I live. I have reported them to law enforcement and record their threats, I am an American and as such am allowed protections under the law that allow me to protect myself from Antifa as well as have them prosecuted should they act on their many threats. Wake up America and vote like your freedom depends on it, because it does!

Stephan Ball

Polls Are Wrong, Red Wave Coming

National Polls Are Absolutely, Utterly Useless”: Do Donald Trump's Abysmal  Numbers Matter? | Vanity Fair
Former Vice President Joe Biden is said to lead President Trump in just about every poll.

I was sitting back a couple weeks ago watching a Trump Rally, I looked to see how many people were watching, it was over a 110k people watching just on Fox Business, not to mention OANN and Rightside Broadcasting who had each more than 10k watching Trump at a live rally speak. This did not strike me as unusual as Trump often has thousands of people at his rallies. Today I saw that a live Joe Biden rally was on Fox Business, I looked to see how many people were watching, the number was 110 people, not 110k like Trump had, 110, which is one percent of the viewership of a Trump rally. While this is not necessarily as good as a poll, it sure is something to think about.

I have always been skeptical of polls as they are rarely if ever accurate. Let’s take a look at 2016, where Hillary Clinton was up 14 points on election day and said to be 100% likely to be elected according to CNN. Polls this week by Politico, The New York Times, and CNN, have Biden up by at least seven points across the board. According to Cleveland.com Trump narrowly leads Biden in Ohio. With Trump beating Clinton in 2016 handily with him being down 14 points in the polls, with Clinton having small rallies then. Trump was having large rally turnouts then, and still does, whereas some of Biden’s rallies have had less than ten people at them by accounts.

Polling is often times done during the daytime, when most Conservative voters are at work, similar polls taken at night often times vary so badly that they are discounted as anomalies. What I am telling you is that those anomalies are the reality, the working men and women of America are awake and not “woke.” They are voting to keep their tax cuts, to fight against the violence of the left, to keep the police funded if not give them more funding, the majority will show up on election day, barring massive voter fraud from the left this should be a massive victory for Donald Trump and Conservatives across America. With it being possible to flip 17 seats red in the house, and keeping a majority in the Senate.

Even though polling shows there is a 66% chance Democrats could take the Senate, the polls may well be wrong as Donald Trump seems to be as popular as ever if not more, he will carry some of his fellow Republicans on the ticket. The working man and woman will speak on November 3rd.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrat Jane Fonda says “Covid is a gift from God to the Left”.

Actress Jane Fonda visits an anti-aircraft position in North Vietnam in this July 1972 file photo.
Hanoi Jane Fonda encouraged men to fight America during Vietnam War.

Hanoi Jane is at it again in an interview on Ellen show saying while laughing “Covid-19 is God’s gift to the Left”. Virtually no response from host, but that is to be expected. As sick as she was during Vietnam encouraging the Vietnamize to fight Americans she is currently still spreading her message of hate and division. According to Dept. of Veterans Affairs list the following:

Vietnam War (1964-1975)
Total U.S. Servicemembers (Worldwide) 6 8,744,000
Deployed to Southeast Asia 7 3,403,000
Battle Deaths 8 47,434
Other Deaths (In Theater) 8 10,786
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater) 8 32,000
Non-mortal Woundings 9 153,303
Living Veterans 5, 10 6,262,000

This is what Jane Fonda encouraged. Sad but this is the far leftist view there is no loyalty to America and certainly no feeling for Conservatives. To say that the death toll in America via Covid-19 is a Gift from God is really disturbing. The left has a gift of 213,000 deaths? That is extremely upsetting to family of those who have died from Covid and its complications. Many of those died alone as family is restricted from visiting almost all those with positive results.

As of writing this article CDC has the total cases as: 7,694,865 and Deaths at: 213,614 Updated: Oct 11 2020 12:20PM CDC website stats. This is a very generous number as we have seen skydiving and motorcycle deaths labeled Covid. America is testing at a higher rate per Population than any other Country. “With more tests there will be more results that is just facts of testing” says CDC rep.

Zero sensitivity for American deaths is not new for Jane Fonda and just as horrific as it was in 1972.

Written by Marie

Nancy Pelosi blocks Conservative media on Facebook violating the Constitution.

Blocks Conservative voices

Pointing out when Nancy lies to the public in social media posts gets the Politician to block comments even likes. Stifling Conservative voices is a typical Democrat go to.

However, it is illegal for Public Officials to block anyone on their social media, this includes Politicians like Nancy Pelosi. Read this article ACLU on social media and public officials.

Nancy is always outspoken when she feels Trump violates the Constitution, then does just that! When a public official blocks critics from the page because of their viewpoints, she violates the Constitution. Indeed, the right to criticize the government is at the heart of the First Amendment.

The court specifically recognized blocking as infringing on that right, noting that blocking someone in order to silence criticism of government work is itself evidence of government action.

So why are you denying us protection of the Constitution Nancy?

Written by Marie