Fact Check: Was Biden wearing a wire?

Hidden wire or Rosary?

Facebook is litered with Factcheck links under any conservative post of this picture from the first Debate along with another picture of Biden’s wrist. One such factcheck was done by Reuters Staff which is Facebook’s go to for debunking this. Problem is they failed to show the Rosary which Biden showed in an interview. Many of Reuters points are completely false.

We can start with their assessment that this is NOT in fact a wire but rather a Rosery of his son Beau’s that Biden carries with him in his pocket. Biden shows it here. This looks nothing like the wire image seen above, ruling out the theory suggested by Reuters Staff labelled as “False Evidence”. Quoting social media posts as evidence that Trump supporters would stoop so low as to call a wire what is actually a Rosary, is simply the left calling Conservatives liars when they are actually lying. Clearly these two things are not related. Trump supporters and everyone else can not connect a wire to the image below of a solid circle in which Biden says “used to be silver”. Furthermore the interview Biden claims to always carry it in his pocket. Image also shows he does prefer his wire on his right side.

Beau Biden’s actual Rosary Joe carries in his pocket

Celebrity James Woods does appear to show a video where Biden is messing with the inside of his suit and then you can see a visible wire. Not exactly the solid metal circle shown above by Biden. Reuters continues with false information and goes on to claim that the image of a mic on Biden’s wrist during debate was that of actual wood beads he wears on wrist for son Beau.

Photo of beads Biden does wear
Clearly not the same wood beads and bright silver circle.

Why is it so important to debunk or have those say it was fact checked when it clearly was not? The left appear to be very afraid of the public image of Biden using aids to help him during debate. Clearly the Democrats are worried that social media posts will gain momentum. As far as these independent fact checkers for Facebook you can clearly see their bias and inadequate nature of their investigations always leading them to support for the left.

Fact Check results: True, Biden was wearing some device not attributed to Rosary beads of any kind.

Written by Marie

2 thoughts on “Fact Check: Was Biden wearing a wire?

  1. Just basing previous talks on television, we were amazed that suddenly he was able to go toe to toe, well, for much of the time. What happened between all the difficulties in reasoning and talking and the debate?

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