Hunter Biden Laptop Linked to Money Laundering, FBI Confirms

Hunter Biden's 'signature seen on receipt from laptop repair store' that  exposed his 'crack and sex' scandal
According to Sources the Hunter Biden Laptop contains images of him smoking crack cocaine, and emails of him doing Quid Pro Quo using his Father then Vice President Joe Biden

According to the Director National Intelligence John Ratcliffe confirmed today that the FBI has connected the “Hunter Biden” lap top to a Money Laundering Investigation the FBI is currently conducting. Ratcliffe said this investigation started in December of 2019, and no mention of the laptop or the investigation was ever mentioned, that is until the actual laptop emails were provided to the New York Post last week.

Twitter and Facebook reportedly censored the New York Post story in an apparent effort to limit it’s damage to Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and his campaign, Twitter who made considerable donations to Joe Biden’s campaign has most likely broken campaign finance laws by censoring the story according to Fox News. Twitter and Facebook CEO’s are facing subpoena for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, where they will likely have to answer questions about why it looks like they meddling in the election by favoring the Democrats.

According to law enforcement officials who are acting as sources who have seen what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop, there appears to be child pornography, torture, drug usage, and email showing the Joe Biden is linked to Burisma, and Hunter Biden’s financial dealings. According to Joe Biden he was responsible for getting the prosecutor looking into Burisma fired by withholding 1.5 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine. The aid he threatened to withhold was a needed for the Ukraine in it’s then ongoing conflict with Russia.

Written by Stephan Ball

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