Election Day, What to Look For.

Election Day 2020: Where to get the best food freebies

Today is the day when many feel our country could begin a four year slide toward socialism. With Joe Biden picked to win in many polls and Trump picked to win in a few, Biden is listed to be up nationally by only a couple of points. In 2016 Hillary Clinton was touted to have a 100% chance of winning the presidency according to CNN on that day, they had her up by 14 points. With the polling notoriously inaccurate with regards to current trends Donald Trump is favored by this paper, not only because we are biased a bit, but because we have done our own polls and they have Trump up by ten points nationally.

The Oregon Conservative has Donald Trump winning 362 electoral votes with surprise wins in a few states like Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. With one third of the Senate facing election or re-election polls are slightly favoring Democrats taking control of the Senate, we are not at all worried, we believe the senate will remain in Republican Control. However, we do pick Jeff Merkley to win his seat over Jo Rae Perkins, through no fault of her own Perkins was up against a juggernaut and we do not feel Oregon will flip a senate seat yet. The surprise in Oregon that we may see is in Congressional District 4 where Alek Skarlatos is attempting to unseat Peter Defazio. Alek has run a strong race and Defazio has had to resort to name calling and mudslinging against a war veteran in order to try and keep his seat. We are going to call the race for Alek Skarlatos, and wish him ever luck today.

Oregon needs Conservative leadership, we are far behind enemy lines with Democrats controlling this state for more than 30 years. We have legalized marijuana, we have given free medical care to illegal aliens, hell they can even get a drivers license in the state. We take the rights of illegal aliens far more serious than we do our own citizens. I have seen single Mothers unable to get into public housing due to the backlog of illegal aliens who are taking up the housing set aside for Oregon’s indigent population.

Will we get along after this election? No matter who wins we should try too, but the two sides in our political climate are pretty far apart. If Trump wins, rioting will continue in Democrat States and possibly even get worse. If Biden wins, I honestly do not know what will happen, I don’t think anything will happen at first, it won’t be until Democrats try and infringe upon individual liberties that will will see something happen if it is going to happen. That does not mean people should not vote for Trump, just because we as a people face the possibility of violence that should never force our voting decision, Antifa and BLM are all part of a huge voter intimidation profile, along with claims of doing away with pre-existing conditions, and armed men at protests in state capitals, along with media suppression of right wing groups.

Written by Stephan Ball

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