2020 Election has key States giving a Trump Victory

Election results as of November 3, 2020

Published: November 4th, 2020

Early results this morning show 2 States remain in favor of Joe Biden who lead with 238 last night and 4 States remain in favor of Donald Trump who was at 213 for Electoral votes last night. If these key States remain the same as the last trickle of votes are counted it indicates a Trump victory for 2020.

Key States left for Trump and Biden will decide the 2020 Election

Key States for Trump are Georgia with 16 Electoral Votes, Michigan with 16 Electoral Votes, North Carolina with 15 Electoral Votes, and Pennsylvania with 20 Electoral votes. Bringing the final numbers will likely be 280 Trump.

Key States left for Biden are Nevada with 6 Electoral Votes, and Wisconsin with 10 Electoral Votes. Leaving the total for Biden at 254 Electoral Votes.

Trump Should Have a 70 Percent Chance of Winning the 2020 Presidential  Election
Trump 2020 inevitable victory

Written by Marie

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