We Are Seeing A Coup Attempt

Trump is easily ahead in most states when suddenly vote counting is stopped

What we are seeing in America tonight is another example of Democrats inability to handle a Democratic Republic such as ours. Many insisting that the popular vote is in favor or Joe Biden and as such he should be declared the winner. Wait! it does not work like that in this country, where for as long as I can remember we have counted every vote on election night and knew the winner one way or another. Not this time! Why?

Well in Pennsylvania Donald Trump has a nearly 700k lead in votes but they have not called it, because they want to keep finding votes until Friday and counting them, even though Philadelphia has been counted, Trump out performed his own 2016 PA win this time, still they won’t call it, with the States Attorney General already saying there is no way Trump wins the state, insinuating that they will find the votes to beat him.

The media not calling the race, states stopping counting on an election night, leaving the rest of the country hanging in the balance was all done on purpose, giving Democrats the chance to cheat, Democrats have a well know history of finding thousands of ballots at the last second all for their candidates.

Many Democrats calling for votes to be counted for up too two days after the election, seeming checking ballot boxes that were emptied at the closing of the election again and finding more ballots, these ballots were put in the drop boxes after the close of the election, can they be counted? Under Pennsylvania law they can for two more days. Many similar laws are in place around the country.

Donald Trump wins the state of California as gets 7 million plus votes from just that state. Democrats will claim Donald Trump lost the popular vote, and did not receive a mandate if he does win. Trump has promised legal action to stop the votes coming in late from places around the country from being counted, and it is likely his argument will be heard.

Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada are all too close to count right now, vote counting has stopped for whatever reason in these places, many of which are in favor of Donald Trump as of now.

Written by Stephan Ball

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