Reports of Massive Voter Fraud.

A meme created to show the lack of respect for the institution of the “Vote” that Democrats apparently have, no Voter ID, Accepting Mail in Ballots up to two days late.

With the 2020 Presidential race being likely decided in the courts, multiple reports of voter fraud have been filed in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and some say even Oregon has some irregularities.

With the Covid 19 outbreak Democrats pushed for mail in ballots in states that had never used them on a widespread scale, perhaps not enough precautions were taken, perhaps it was all part of the plan to enable the fraud. Democrats insist that votes cast up to two days after the election be counted, on election night, counting was stopped in 11 states, then mysteriously massive influxes of votes for Democrats were suddenly found. Not saying they are cheating, but it rhymes with meeting and it ain’t the word beating that is going on. Trump was the apparent winner on election night if the vote had been counted like it has in the 200 plus years of the countries existence.

With Trump receiving massive increases in votes in the latino and black communities and Joe Biden all of a sudden getting more votes than Barrack Obama did. How does a demented pedophile socialist get more votes than an accomplished academic such as Barrack Obama? Simple! cheating, no other way, districts in Wisconsin show more than one hundred percent voter turn out, how does that happen, do people vote twice or three times? Of course that is how you get over 100%.

The Supreme Court will decide this mess, I am just glad we have Trump fighting against this corruption, and if there can be some prosecutions, AG William Barr needs to get off his ass and start sending people to jail or GITMO. Treason is still punishable by death in America.

On three different sites Oregon showed disparaging reports of how many voters were registered and how many votes were cast in the election, with a 90% return rate, the highest ever, is that because it is real or because there is cheating going on? With Democrats in charge we will likely never know, they are not exactly honest.

Written by Stephan Ball.

3 thoughts on “Reports of Massive Voter Fraud.

  1. No question, the liberal elites cheated big time with big money. Yes, voter fraud. The real criminals are the main stream media. They didn’t report all that happened, they spun everything for the liberal cause, etc. liberals are lazy & a team. Rah, Rah. The liberals game has gone on since Vietnam Nam. So,the most important thing is to keep and build on the conservative block. Wear a little flag pin, flag sticker on your car, don’t use Facebook or twitter, start or use a conservative only site. Don’t buy from or sell to liberals. Essentially split the country. Build the voting block, defeat the liberals where ever we can and get more conservatives in office. Only way. I sell horse hay for $7.50/bale. I give Republicans a $2/bale discount. I produce some of the best hi protein hay. If I even thing a buyer is a Crat, I have none available. I buy a tractor, I ask the sales person if he’s a Republican, “Did you vote for Trump?” If the answer is ‘no’ I go somewhere else. Simple. Conservatives don’t need liberals but liberals can’t make it without conservatives. Howard


  2. I believe the fact that the decriminalization of drugs measure that passed in Oregon is all the proof that one needs to conclude that there is a big problem with Oregon voting system.


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