Undeniable Mathematical Evidence Democrats Are Trying a Coup.

Mexia social worker charged with 134 counts of election fraud

With huge ballot dumps in excess of 100k, reports of Trump ballots being discarded in the thousands, and ballots being filled our enmasse by Bide Harris Staffers, the election is in question more than ever.

As of November 3rd at 8PM PST, three hours after polls had closed on the east coast in most places, Donald Trump had an insurmountable mathematical lead in all of the battleground states, especially Pennsylvania with more than a half a million votes in the lead and with Philadelphia counted already, in comes the absentee ballot, the Democrats secret weapon, a tool they could use to inch across the finish line piece by piece until the election was theirs. Two things they did not count on was 1. Republicans were going to fight this as hard as they are. 2. There cheating was so bad, that is actually made the situation worse. With Attorney General Barr clearing the way yesterday to begin prosecuting election fraud as it is found, this will be over fast, when faced with election fraud and possible treason charges people tend to tell them who told them to do what they did. They will fold up faster than a lawn chair in a hurricane.

After the polls had closed counting for the night and supposedly sent everyone home, people started showing up at the polls with unchecked backpacks, coming in when the polling stations were closed, they put up barriers to people seeing what they were doing, refused access to counting stations even with a court order.

With seven legal challenges in play as of right now, and this likely going to the supreme court, we may be doing this either all over again or having us a little war to figure it out if neither side concedes. With criminal charges likely in hundreds if not thousands of cases, at least 50 sworn statements have been taken in battleground states of cheating, lying, falsifying voter data, falsifying votes, using the wrong ballots, computer glitches, and outright tampering.

Now we learn that witness tampering might be in play as some Democrats threaten Trump supporters with lists making it impossible to get jobs, and outing them as supporters because they won’t back down. One of the biggest supporters of lists is NY (D) Congresswoman Alexandria Cortes. She insists on placing Trump supporters on a list to out them, right below her statement to that effect, one of Obama’s former staffers says they have already done that.

With the threats in place, and Trump saying he won the election big, every major media organization in the US came out and said Joe Biden is the President-elect of the United States, are they complicit in the steal? Of course they are, the media are globalist, and run by progressives who see socialism as their big payday, with media restrictions put in place on censorship, you will be forced to listen to their drivel and they will be well rewarded for it, I write for free, think about that.

With other Republicans affected by this election meddling on the part of the Democrats, men like John James in Michigan who was more than 100k in the lead before a mysterious vote dump went 138k in Biden’s favor without one Trump vote, a statistical impossibility, which is how they catch organized crime, and international smugglers. When something is impossible, then something else is possible, if 138,000 votes all for Biden came in without a Trump vote is impossible, what is the only other possibility? That they were either a mistake, or fraud, since the polls had been closed, and Michigan Democrats knew exactly how many votes they had to get plus a little cushion they come back with a dump that puts them over the top, done and done, I do not even need to sell you this, it sells itself.

Other amazing things that simply could not have happened. In Wisconsin Turnout was 67 percent in 2016; 70 percent in 2012; 69 percent in 2008; and 73 percent in 2004. Apparently Joe Biden smashed Barack Obama’s 2008 turnout in most places in the country. Joe Biden is no where near the political animal Barrack Obama is, Biden is accused of criminality, pedophilia, rape and sexual assault, said he would ban fracking and lied about it. We are supposed to believe that more people voted for Biden than voted for Barrack Obama. Which would make Obama the worst President in history, having been outvoted in his own party by a corrupt pedophile.

Written by Stephan Ball

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