Facebook Purging Conservatives Without Cause.

Media’s Baltimore ‘Teen Purge’ Narrative Falling Apart | FAIR
Treating Them Like Criminals and Without Warning Facebook purges Hundreds of Conservatives Across the Nation

On November 4rth 2020, Facebook purged the accounts of as many has 200 Republican and Conservatives, many of them never having had a community standards violation. Many of the accounts locked and disabled belonged to campaign staffers for various political races around the country. One Staffer for Jo Rae Perkins, a Republican Senatorial Candidate had her account disabled, along with Joey Gibson, one of the founders of the Proud Boys. Despite there being no violation Facebook decided it was a good time to do it, perhaps no one would notice.

With many of those accounts disabled and the owners of the accounts no notified for a reason for the seizure Facebook may not be entitled to it’s protections under Section 230. I have encouraged each person whose account was seized in in violation of their first amendment to not only contact their nearest elected official but to seek legal action against Facebook.

Almost every account linked to anyone associated with Proud Boys has been canceled, along with many III percenters. Many on the left feel these organizations are racist and promote a fascist ideology, but nothing is further from the truth, the reason the left fears these organizations is that they are not afraid to stand up to the militant arms of the Democratic Party (KKK, and Antifa.)

One of the things that has recently happened on Facebook is that every one of Donald Trump’s posts are fact checked, I mean they could just be an opinion, they are still fact checked, who are the fact checkers? Mostly they are former editors and writers like myself for large conglomerates who started fact checkers, meaning they are humans and fallible, like us all, yet they get to fact check. I encourage everyone to mass exodus out of Facebook today, go to GAB.com MEWE.com, or Parler.com. Make the switch, I did find me @bodiprobert See ya there.

Written by Bodi Probert

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