Biden Campaign Advisor Accused of Texas Ballot Harvesting.

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In two sworn statements from a retired FBI agent and a Retired Police Officer indicate that Dallas Jones, a senior campaign official in the Biden campaign was collecting ballots from nursing homes, and homeless people and then in turn was filling the ballots and sending them in.

Witnesses to the ballot harvesting said that Jones had solicited them for their ballots with money and promises and after collecting the ballots filled them out without being the person on the ballot. Main Stream Media was silent on this matter prior to the election, the Biden campaign had no comment when we reached out for a comment.

According to the affiants there were thousands of ballots being filled out by Biden campaign staffers, these ballots were absentee and mail in ballots the group had collected and were fraudulently filling out not being the persons named on the ballot. Jones who was hired by the Biden for President campaign was arrested, the investigation into others is still pending. When this story was initially put up on Facebook it was immediately flagged and pulled off, I will see if they do the same to me. Fact checking on Facebook and Twitter has been going crazy but we are showing you the Affidavit.

Two additional men in were arrested in Southern California for ballot harvesting among homeless and illegal aliens. They have been charged and are facing more than twenty years each in prison. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that Carlos Antonio de Bourbon Montenegro is being arraigned on 18 felony counts of voter fraud and over 10 additional felony counts for allegedly submitting more than 8,000 invalid voter registration applications on nomination papers during a bid to run for mayor of Hawthorne, California.

Written by Stephan Ball

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