Democrats Caught Red Handed Cheating in Pennsylvania.

Military Information Expert: These systems allow authorized and unauthorized users to cancel ...
Retired Col. Phillip Waldron testified in front of the Pennsylvania Senate.

As Retired Army Col. Phil Waldron testified in front of the Pennsylvania Senate, telling them that he has been working on voting machine manipulation for the last two years, saying that he started when in the Beto and Cruz race in Texas and the Georgia Governor’s race two years ago showed significant anomalies. His goal was to see what had caused the anomalies and see if it was the computers themselves or voter fraud at play.

Waldron was able to show that elections in Italy, Venezuela, Singapore, and Argentina were also tainted with voter fraud using the same election computers and software, he stated that the ” US voting system is made so you can manipulate it.” Waldron went on to show a relationship between Smartmatic and Dominion voting systems and that they use similar code and similar functions throughout. He listed that during the election the systems were connected to the internet during entire time the election was going on, he said that they were connected to servers outside of the United States at the time of the election, they are easily hackable and programable from offsite.

Col. Waldron went on to say that an election storage facility was robbed and more than 30 USB drives were stolen, some of which contained encrypted software that could be used in the hacking of vote machines used in the election. He said that 1.2 million votes could have been altered in the voter machines using these techniques. Waldron went on to talk about the real catch, where “spike anomalies occurred in the election, indicating that during the anomalies which ideally if occurring naturally should swing both ways almost equally.

Waldron said that the anomalies detected in Pennsylvania could not have occurred within normal parameters as the vote totals for the anomalies were 330k votes were pre-loaded for Biden prior to any counts even being started with none indicated for President Trump, a prime indicator of fraudulent votes. When Waldron was asked about how many votes occurred in the anomaly areas during the election and who they were for, he indicated that 570,000 for Biden and 3200 for Trump. With the given mathematical problems of anomalies it is impossible for that amount to be that far apart without voter fraud.

Col. Waldron showed today without a doubt that significant voter fraud occurred in favor of Joe Biden in the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. 28 States use the same voting machines as PA, we need an immediate audit of all the machines in all 28 states that used the machines, and we need immediate prosecutions of all person(s) involved in voter fraud and treason.

Written by Stephan Ball

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