Facebook Purging Conservatives Without Cause.

Media’s Baltimore ‘Teen Purge’ Narrative Falling Apart | FAIR
Treating Them Like Criminals and Without Warning Facebook purges Hundreds of Conservatives Across the Nation

On November 4rth 2020, Facebook purged the accounts of as many has 200 Republican and Conservatives, many of them never having had a community standards violation. Many of the accounts locked and disabled belonged to campaign staffers for various political races around the country. One Staffer for Jo Rae Perkins, a Republican Senatorial Candidate had her account disabled, along with Joey Gibson, one of the founders of the Proud Boys. Despite there being no violation Facebook decided it was a good time to do it, perhaps no one would notice.

With many of those accounts disabled and the owners of the accounts no notified for a reason for the seizure Facebook may not be entitled to it’s protections under Section 230. I have encouraged each person whose account was seized in in violation of their first amendment to not only contact their nearest elected official but to seek legal action against Facebook.

Almost every account linked to anyone associated with Proud Boys has been canceled, along with many III percenters. Many on the left feel these organizations are racist and promote a fascist ideology, but nothing is further from the truth, the reason the left fears these organizations is that they are not afraid to stand up to the militant arms of the Democratic Party (KKK, and Antifa.)

One of the things that has recently happened on Facebook is that every one of Donald Trump’s posts are fact checked, I mean they could just be an opinion, they are still fact checked, who are the fact checkers? Mostly they are former editors and writers like myself for large conglomerates who started fact checkers, meaning they are humans and fallible, like us all, yet they get to fact check. I encourage everyone to mass exodus out of Facebook today, go to GAB.com MEWE.com, or Parler.com. Make the switch, I did find me @bodiprobert See ya there.

Written by Bodi Probert

Why the Democrat push that Biden has won 2020 is so crucial.

November 10, 2020 2:55pm PST

As the world sits and watches this Election it almost surreal to the perfect end to 2020 which has been catastrophic on so many levels. The left push is felt harder and harder each day. Celebrities and Politicians (who likely are wrong) posting congratulations on social media to Joe Biden as President elect when the votes are still being counted. The Left strongly denying any fact that proof is being given to Supreme Court. This move will likely backfire Political experts say. Moving the narrative that Biden has won takes some power from the current administration. This is why we feel the Democrats and their desperate pressure to claim victory for 2020 Elections.

The Left is removing anything with NEWS in it that hints that Trump might actually win the election when votes are tabulated and votes of the deceased are finally thrown out. Supreme Court is listening to evidence Rudy Giuliani  is presenting that clearly does show that the deceased only vote Democrat and other such voter fraud. When the law in each particular State say that Ballot watchers from Democrats and Republican be allowed to watch the counting and they are not allowed it is worrisome. Some of these cases Republicans got Court Orders allowing them access when previously denied, and still they are threatened and not allowed. Whenever the law is not followed you can expect lawsuits. The precedence that this sets should even upset the Democrats but sadly it does not.

You are not hearing Celebs and Politician calling for Ballots and counting centers to be following the law but actually the opposite. As videos on social media show many of these facilities have literally NO security. The counters and other volunteers are allowed large bags and coolers. Anyone who has ever worked retail will say this is a huge “NO NO” many retail stores only allow clear bags. Why? Because retail stores are trying to cut the loss of employee theft. If you are allowed large bags and coolers you can take in or out of the facility whatever you wish with no security looking in on any of it.

Even with 40+ people deceased in some Counties voting in this Election you see the Reporters on major tv news networks saying there is no evidence of voter fraud. Yeah, crazy that a Reporter would ever suggest such ridiculous statements. Same reporters that will not report on what sick illegal activities are on Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

The Left created the “FactCheck”. They are almost all solely owned by the Left. This is how they feel they can legally censor. The censorship is at it’s max with Facebook removing the entire profiles of Republican Campaign leaders. It is an unprecedented move for Facebook and Twitter to work so hard on behalf of the Democrats. They are deleting videos that contain evidence and banning the posters. They do not want Americans to see any such evidence, knowing is knowledge. The more educated you are the more upset you become the harder they censor.

They can have true and accurate posts labeled false or partially untrue even out of context, and have you ultimately removed. Putting out one narrative to the United States public. This is done gradually and we have seen this in World History before with Communist Countries and their regimes.

This is not the only thing that the Left is pushing that happens to be Communist. The open boarders activists are also activists for free services. Unlimited free stuff like College Healthcare and Abortions. That is right the Communist leaning Democrat Party push for Planned Parenthood and unlimited free Abortions for Americans and really anyone who can show up here illegally. They do not wish to discriminate when giving out free stuff.

Anyone who breaks the law and is here qualifies, taking necessary resources from Americans where will the Government get the money from to pay for all the free Communist stuff? You, hard working Americans will be footing the bill for those who would rather take the free stuff than earn it.

We are also inundated with false information from major news networks such as CNN CNBC ABC and Fox. One of them being Biden will be the next United States President. Legal experts are saying such claims are premature. In fact it’s likely that votes may be thrown out with some of Giuliani’s evidence and the counts still being tallied could also see a Trump second term.

Will Celebrities and Politicians appologize for spreading false information? Will, Facebook and Twitter finally censor the Left posting misinformation? Will “FactCheckers” who get it wrong be held accountable in any way for misleading the American Public?

Let’s Fight Back! Let’s call out cheating when we find it. Let’s call pollsters testify before congress why they were so far off. Let’s get Voter ID to end Voter Fraud. Let’s tell Facebook and Twitter to stop censoring us. The Democrats want to steal and Election, House and Senate and have a complete Government take over the largest attempted Coupe in American History folks. It’s crucial for them to succeed, and it’s crucial we fight back.

The Left are big on fighting to take away your rights, you have to be willing to fight equally as hard to keep them.

Written by Marie

Undeniable Mathematical Evidence Democrats Are Trying a Coup.

Mexia social worker charged with 134 counts of election fraud

With huge ballot dumps in excess of 100k, reports of Trump ballots being discarded in the thousands, and ballots being filled our enmasse by Bide Harris Staffers, the election is in question more than ever.

As of November 3rd at 8PM PST, three hours after polls had closed on the east coast in most places, Donald Trump had an insurmountable mathematical lead in all of the battleground states, especially Pennsylvania with more than a half a million votes in the lead and with Philadelphia counted already, in comes the absentee ballot, the Democrats secret weapon, a tool they could use to inch across the finish line piece by piece until the election was theirs. Two things they did not count on was 1. Republicans were going to fight this as hard as they are. 2. There cheating was so bad, that is actually made the situation worse. With Attorney General Barr clearing the way yesterday to begin prosecuting election fraud as it is found, this will be over fast, when faced with election fraud and possible treason charges people tend to tell them who told them to do what they did. They will fold up faster than a lawn chair in a hurricane.

After the polls had closed counting for the night and supposedly sent everyone home, people started showing up at the polls with unchecked backpacks, coming in when the polling stations were closed, they put up barriers to people seeing what they were doing, refused access to counting stations even with a court order.

With seven legal challenges in play as of right now, and this likely going to the supreme court, we may be doing this either all over again or having us a little war to figure it out if neither side concedes. With criminal charges likely in hundreds if not thousands of cases, at least 50 sworn statements have been taken in battleground states of cheating, lying, falsifying voter data, falsifying votes, using the wrong ballots, computer glitches, and outright tampering.

Now we learn that witness tampering might be in play as some Democrats threaten Trump supporters with lists making it impossible to get jobs, and outing them as supporters because they won’t back down. One of the biggest supporters of lists is NY (D) Congresswoman Alexandria Cortes. She insists on placing Trump supporters on a list to out them, right below her statement to that effect, one of Obama’s former staffers says they have already done that.

With the threats in place, and Trump saying he won the election big, every major media organization in the US came out and said Joe Biden is the President-elect of the United States, are they complicit in the steal? Of course they are, the media are globalist, and run by progressives who see socialism as their big payday, with media restrictions put in place on censorship, you will be forced to listen to their drivel and they will be well rewarded for it, I write for free, think about that.

With other Republicans affected by this election meddling on the part of the Democrats, men like John James in Michigan who was more than 100k in the lead before a mysterious vote dump went 138k in Biden’s favor without one Trump vote, a statistical impossibility, which is how they catch organized crime, and international smugglers. When something is impossible, then something else is possible, if 138,000 votes all for Biden came in without a Trump vote is impossible, what is the only other possibility? That they were either a mistake, or fraud, since the polls had been closed, and Michigan Democrats knew exactly how many votes they had to get plus a little cushion they come back with a dump that puts them over the top, done and done, I do not even need to sell you this, it sells itself.

Other amazing things that simply could not have happened. In Wisconsin Turnout was 67 percent in 2016; 70 percent in 2012; 69 percent in 2008; and 73 percent in 2004. Apparently Joe Biden smashed Barack Obama’s 2008 turnout in most places in the country. Joe Biden is no where near the political animal Barrack Obama is, Biden is accused of criminality, pedophilia, rape and sexual assault, said he would ban fracking and lied about it. We are supposed to believe that more people voted for Biden than voted for Barrack Obama. Which would make Obama the worst President in history, having been outvoted in his own party by a corrupt pedophile.

Written by Stephan Ball

Reports of Massive Voter Fraud.

A meme created to show the lack of respect for the institution of the “Vote” that Democrats apparently have, no Voter ID, Accepting Mail in Ballots up to two days late.

With the 2020 Presidential race being likely decided in the courts, multiple reports of voter fraud have been filed in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and some say even Oregon has some irregularities.

With the Covid 19 outbreak Democrats pushed for mail in ballots in states that had never used them on a widespread scale, perhaps not enough precautions were taken, perhaps it was all part of the plan to enable the fraud. Democrats insist that votes cast up to two days after the election be counted, on election night, counting was stopped in 11 states, then mysteriously massive influxes of votes for Democrats were suddenly found. Not saying they are cheating, but it rhymes with meeting and it ain’t the word beating that is going on. Trump was the apparent winner on election night if the vote had been counted like it has in the 200 plus years of the countries existence.

With Trump receiving massive increases in votes in the latino and black communities and Joe Biden all of a sudden getting more votes than Barrack Obama did. How does a demented pedophile socialist get more votes than an accomplished academic such as Barrack Obama? Simple! cheating, no other way, districts in Wisconsin show more than one hundred percent voter turn out, how does that happen, do people vote twice or three times? Of course that is how you get over 100%.

The Supreme Court will decide this mess, I am just glad we have Trump fighting against this corruption, and if there can be some prosecutions, AG William Barr needs to get off his ass and start sending people to jail or GITMO. Treason is still punishable by death in America.

On three different sites Oregon showed disparaging reports of how many voters were registered and how many votes were cast in the election, with a 90% return rate, the highest ever, is that because it is real or because there is cheating going on? With Democrats in charge we will likely never know, they are not exactly honest.

Written by Stephan Ball.

Skarlatos and Perkins Gave a Good Accounting of Themselves

With four or five counties in Oregon deciding our state’s future, we should use a state electoral.

I want to first commend Alek Skarlatos for scaring the crap out of Peter Defazio, who has not had that done to him in a long time. Please do not get out of politics, run again next election, getting name recognition in Oregon in a big deal. In Oregon more and more people are seeing Defazio in the pocket for New York and California Democrats, they turn and vote for someone else. Let that someone else be you, we need fresh young conservative minds in Oregon that will not be beholding to big tech or Chinese interest as much as our two U.S. Senators and our Governor are.

I am very proud of Jo Rae Perkins, while I did not originally think she was the right fit for Oregon, she grew on me, and she was much maligned by the Merkley camp for being a Qanon follower. Everytime I would support her online in forums, that was the claim the leftists would make in attacks on her. She performed far better than I expected, though she did not make Merkley sweat as much as I would have liked, she did pull some decent numbers. Oregon just has not had enough of Merkley’s fear and hate mongering, they will one day.

We have two more years of Pete Defazio not doing anything for Oregon except trying to make it California, and we have Merkley spouting nonsense for six more years about how the sky is falling (literally.) I suggest we do what Oregonians do best, and strap up our boots and get to work until it is time for us to again cast our ballot into a blue stream only to see them eaten by a liberalism and hate for America that we call Portland.

Written by Stephan Ball

We Are Seeing A Coup Attempt

Trump is easily ahead in most states when suddenly vote counting is stopped

What we are seeing in America tonight is another example of Democrats inability to handle a Democratic Republic such as ours. Many insisting that the popular vote is in favor or Joe Biden and as such he should be declared the winner. Wait! it does not work like that in this country, where for as long as I can remember we have counted every vote on election night and knew the winner one way or another. Not this time! Why?

Well in Pennsylvania Donald Trump has a nearly 700k lead in votes but they have not called it, because they want to keep finding votes until Friday and counting them, even though Philadelphia has been counted, Trump out performed his own 2016 PA win this time, still they won’t call it, with the States Attorney General already saying there is no way Trump wins the state, insinuating that they will find the votes to beat him.

The media not calling the race, states stopping counting on an election night, leaving the rest of the country hanging in the balance was all done on purpose, giving Democrats the chance to cheat, Democrats have a well know history of finding thousands of ballots at the last second all for their candidates.

Many Democrats calling for votes to be counted for up too two days after the election, seeming checking ballot boxes that were emptied at the closing of the election again and finding more ballots, these ballots were put in the drop boxes after the close of the election, can they be counted? Under Pennsylvania law they can for two more days. Many similar laws are in place around the country.

Donald Trump wins the state of California as gets 7 million plus votes from just that state. Democrats will claim Donald Trump lost the popular vote, and did not receive a mandate if he does win. Trump has promised legal action to stop the votes coming in late from places around the country from being counted, and it is likely his argument will be heard.

Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada are all too close to count right now, vote counting has stopped for whatever reason in these places, many of which are in favor of Donald Trump as of now.

Written by Stephan Ball

2020 Election has key States giving a Trump Victory

Election results as of November 3, 2020

Published: November 4th, 2020

Early results this morning show 2 States remain in favor of Joe Biden who lead with 238 last night and 4 States remain in favor of Donald Trump who was at 213 for Electoral votes last night. If these key States remain the same as the last trickle of votes are counted it indicates a Trump victory for 2020.

Key States left for Trump and Biden will decide the 2020 Election

Key States for Trump are Georgia with 16 Electoral Votes, Michigan with 16 Electoral Votes, North Carolina with 15 Electoral Votes, and Pennsylvania with 20 Electoral votes. Bringing the final numbers will likely be 280 Trump.

Key States left for Biden are Nevada with 6 Electoral Votes, and Wisconsin with 10 Electoral Votes. Leaving the total for Biden at 254 Electoral Votes.

Trump Should Have a 70 Percent Chance of Winning the 2020 Presidential  Election
Trump 2020 inevitable victory

Written by Marie

Election Day, What to Look For.

Election Day 2020: Where to get the best food freebies

Today is the day when many feel our country could begin a four year slide toward socialism. With Joe Biden picked to win in many polls and Trump picked to win in a few, Biden is listed to be up nationally by only a couple of points. In 2016 Hillary Clinton was touted to have a 100% chance of winning the presidency according to CNN on that day, they had her up by 14 points. With the polling notoriously inaccurate with regards to current trends Donald Trump is favored by this paper, not only because we are biased a bit, but because we have done our own polls and they have Trump up by ten points nationally.

The Oregon Conservative has Donald Trump winning 362 electoral votes with surprise wins in a few states like Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. With one third of the Senate facing election or re-election polls are slightly favoring Democrats taking control of the Senate, we are not at all worried, we believe the senate will remain in Republican Control. However, we do pick Jeff Merkley to win his seat over Jo Rae Perkins, through no fault of her own Perkins was up against a juggernaut and we do not feel Oregon will flip a senate seat yet. The surprise in Oregon that we may see is in Congressional District 4 where Alek Skarlatos is attempting to unseat Peter Defazio. Alek has run a strong race and Defazio has had to resort to name calling and mudslinging against a war veteran in order to try and keep his seat. We are going to call the race for Alek Skarlatos, and wish him ever luck today.

Oregon needs Conservative leadership, we are far behind enemy lines with Democrats controlling this state for more than 30 years. We have legalized marijuana, we have given free medical care to illegal aliens, hell they can even get a drivers license in the state. We take the rights of illegal aliens far more serious than we do our own citizens. I have seen single Mothers unable to get into public housing due to the backlog of illegal aliens who are taking up the housing set aside for Oregon’s indigent population.

Will we get along after this election? No matter who wins we should try too, but the two sides in our political climate are pretty far apart. If Trump wins, rioting will continue in Democrat States and possibly even get worse. If Biden wins, I honestly do not know what will happen, I don’t think anything will happen at first, it won’t be until Democrats try and infringe upon individual liberties that will will see something happen if it is going to happen. That does not mean people should not vote for Trump, just because we as a people face the possibility of violence that should never force our voting decision, Antifa and BLM are all part of a huge voter intimidation profile, along with claims of doing away with pre-existing conditions, and armed men at protests in state capitals, along with media suppression of right wing groups.

Written by Stephan Ball