A Million Patriots Will Descend on D.C.

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Patriotism is our duty for those of us who took an Oath.

President Donald Trump has called for patriots everywhere to descend upon Washington D.C. on January 6th of 2021. That is the day that Representatives in Congress can with the help of a friendly Senator object to any states electors, and request instead that alternative electors be selected, for each state objected to and agreed to by a Senator, each segment of Congress will have to adjourn to their respective halls to argue for two hours, with seven states believed to be on the agenda for objections and dozens of congressional candidates lined up to object it is likely going to be a long day.

Dueling electors have been appointed in six of seven contested states and, can be counted if the votes are there, what is likely to happen is that each hall of congress will vote respective with their parties and all seven states will not be accepted by Vice President Pence because of they will be considered in question.

Another of the things that could happen is that Republicans could en masse screw over President Trump and not even fight, but there will be a million patriots in D.C. on that day, and these are not Antifa punks or weak-kneed BLM that buckle at the sight of conflict. Many patriots are veterans, police, fire personnel, and working folks. Some of which have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Election fraud falls under domestic enemies, just in case someone is wondering.

Many patriots have informed me that they believe this is a coup against the rightfully elected President, Donald Trump. With Joe Biden reportedly garnering 81 million votes according to the media, no right-minded person believes this propaganda. The only people who believe Trump lost are the looney left and people who are still asleep, even Kamala Harris and Joe Biden both know Trump won, Biden confessed to having the largest voter fraud network ever (media tried to cover this up and failed), and Harris has not given up her U.S. Senate seat, Barrack Obama gave his seat up just days after the election in 2008.

When Vice President Pence counts the electors he does not have to count any electors that are in question, which will give Trump 232 electoral votes to Biden 227, which will result in Trump being re-elected. However, it can be decided that the entire election was fraudulent, at which time each state will vote along party lines according to their legislature, which gives Trump 30 to 20 the Presidency.

Donald Trump has twice tweeted for patriots to show up on that day, by my count there will be in excess of a million patriots in the city protesting, likely Antifa will show up and want to fight. Antifa may resort to violence but certainly the Patriots will finish it.

Written by Stephan Ball

Trump tells Congress to Give Citizens 2k.

President Trump, seen earlier this month, called for lawmakers to increase direct payments to Americans to $2,000 from $600.

President Trump was critical of Republicans and Democrats who voted for the new stimulus bill, stating that it gave away all our money to foreign countries and none to the suffering masses. Trump said he would veto the bill unless the “pork” was trimmed off of it, and the citizens were each given $2,000. This has his base very happy but caused a meltdown of epic proportions among Senators and Representatives alike, Senator Klobuchar making a statement that because Trump wants to take care of citizens and not the world he would be burning down the country.

You literally cannot make this up, President Trump, who clearly cares for the American Citizen, having to tell the bloated government to stop sending money to Sudan 700 million, or Gender Programs in Afghanistan for 15 Million dollars, while the old bill called for just $600 dollars for each citizen. According to Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard they bill was over 5,000 pages and they were only given a few hours to read it before they had to vote, she said she voted “no.”

Where have we gone as a country where we forget that this is a country belonging to The People, We the People need to start demanding our government do a better job at helping us and stop sending billions of our dollars to other countries.

Written by Stephan Ball

Patriots Invade Oregon’s Capital Building

Protesters spray mace toward police as they attempt to get into the Oregon State Capitol during a special session of the state legislature in Salem, Ore., on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020. State police declared an unlawful assembly at Oregon's Capitol building as protesters opposed to COVID-19 restrictions attempted to force their way in during the third special legislative session. (Abigail Dollins/Statesman-Journal via AP)
As patriots forced their way into a secret legislative session, police soaked them with pepper spray.

In Salem Oregon today, Patriots rallied against a “secret” meeting of the state legislature and forced their way inside of the building, where they proceeded to play the national anthem. The people involved were chanting “USA” and “StoptheSteal” at times. They forced their way past Salem and State Police Officers, pepper spray was used against the mostly peaceful protect. Republican State Representative Doug Beard from Roseburg made an appearance and spoke at the rally, urging people to remain calm and that he endorsed their protest as long as it was peaceful, he was quickly shouted down by the crowd.

The legislature is said to have been meeting about Covid 19 Lockdown procedures, which have virtually been in place since March with almost no relief. Governor Kate Brown called the special session last week. The mainstream media promoted that the protesters were armed, and some were, no weapons were used against the police, pepper spray was used against the crowd. Antifa and BLM rioted in Portland for the better part of 100 days, and pepper spray was rarely used by any Oregon Police Officers.

Why do you think they would used pepper spray now? Against Patriots? Ask yourself that.

Written by Stephan Ball

Clear Path to Victory for Trump

No description available.
A fairly accurate representation of what needs to happen to get Trump’s second term

With eight cases still pending before SCOTUS for the Presidency. SCOTUS seems unlikely to hear anything that forces them to make hard choices for the rest of us. Even though it is the job of The Supreme Court of the United States to hear the hard evidence, they seem reluctant to decide this issue. According to sources most of the Justices are afraid of the massive rioting that is likely to happen if they made the right choice. They seem afraid of the left, where they should be concerned about the right, as there are things far worse than rioting.

With our country on the verge of war, if Biden were to take office there would certainly be a war, of Trump is in office for another four years there will be rioting in seven major U.S. Cities. I think the left underestimates the resolve of the right, they think they will do nothing and they may be right, however I think there will certainly be war if Biden takes office, open rebellion, the right stands for honor and integrity and those are two things the 2020 election did not have, the right side will not allow cheating to win ever. That is where we are as a country, how we got here is simple, one side cheated in an election the people responsible for sorting it out have failed to do their job, this will leave many of us with little choice on how we react, for we cannot allow cheating to win.

With the Blooberg gun control group already calling for massive gun control measures even though Biden is not in office, with links to Hunter Biden and China and Ukraine pointing to Joe Biden being compromised to the Chinese and Ukrainians. A dual Senate race in Georgia, has left our country a choice between a status quo and a socialist state. Senator Kamala Harris has said that she would enact gun control nationwide with Executive Order if she were President. How long do you think Dementia Joe will last?

Fight like you are the third monkey on Noah’s Ark and it is starting to rain.

Written by Stephan Ball

Trump Calls Patriots to March on January 6th.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has asked all Patriots to march forward on January 6th in Washtington D.C. He said was going to be a “wild time.” I am excited to see what a wild time it is going to be. We the People of this country need to support President Trump, if he is calling for help or action, we need to do what we can to help him.

On January 6th 2021, a joint session of Congress will meet to count the electoral votes, procedural processes still exist in which Trump has a plausible path to victory. This paper has called for Patriot action in that we want all of you to call every one of your Senators and Representatives and tell them that you will not tolerate the 2020 election being stolen from you.

Be ready on January 6th, wherever you are in the country, as this may be a kick off date of some sort. Have two weeks of food, three days of water, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and warm clothes and blankets on hand. The power could go out, martial law could be declared, and military units could be deployed to different parts of the country in response to the election fraud.

Written by Stephan Ball

A Patriot Call to Action

GOP's Favorability Highest In 7 Years - Jim Heath TV

On January 6th of 2021, Electors will meet at a joint session of Congress, where they electoral votes will be almost certainly challenged by GOP representatives. What we need you the people to do is, Call every Senator on the following list and tell them that if they fail to fight for the disenfranchised voters of America against this election fraud by not supporting the objecting Representatives they will lose you as a voter for the GOP forever, as almost certainly they will lose at least half of their voting base overnight.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is likely the best shot at objecting to respective voting fraud. His contact information link is; https://contactsenators.com/texas/ted-cruz

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky; https://contactsenators.com/kentucky/rand-paul

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee ; (202) 224-3344

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina ;(202)224-6121

Senator Mike Lee of Utah ; (202) 224-5444

I have also included the link below for you to contact any and all Senators and tell them to support President Donald Trump and that election fraud should not be tolerated.


Written by Stephan Ball

Antifa in Portland Readies for War

As shown weapons readied for an eventual assault by police to retake the area Photos Courtesy of Oregon Watchdog.com
Devices designed and intended to damage the tires of any police vehicles deployed, are unlikely to damage anything but people stepping on them
Calling for the death of police officers, landlords, capitalism, and the press is the calling card of terror groups like Antifa and BLM.

The Mississippi Street “Redhouse” and five blocks have been taken in Portland, it has been barricaded to extraordinary size. This is day five, and tensions are rising as the leftist terrorists of Antifa wait for the police to make their move.

Police wait patiently or tentatively for the situation to either worsen or get better, the two sides are said to be negotiating a resolve. We in Oregon negotiate with terrorists now. This will only encourage more terrorism in the state.

As the photo shows, these barricades come complete with piles of all kinds of weapons; spikes, small stones, eggs and bottles which have been used as Molotov Cokatials in the past.

The streets are filled with spikes and over-turned garbage cans from local businesses, this all over an eviction of a member of Antifa, who is said to have used the money they owed for rent for legal bills in order to fight the eviction.

With tensions in a country high already with the election in question because of the high likelihood of cheating, the left continues their shenanigans, one Representative calling on “soldiers” of the left to do what they do.

Be ready people, stay vigilant, the storm is almost upon us. When it comes be ready to choose a side because our Democratic Republic is in danger.

Written by Stephan Ball

Racism is Alive and Well With Oregon Democrats.

Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia

Oregon Defends State Coronavirus Program Giving Federal Funds to Black People Only, Breitbart, December 5, 2020

The State of Oregon continues to defend a state program that distributes federal coronavirus relief funds to black people — and only black people — after two separate lawsuits have challenged the program as a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The Oregon state legislature’s Emergency Board created the Oregon Cares Fund this summer — with nightly Black Lives Matter riots raging in Portland — to allocate $62 million in funds from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to black residents (out of $200 million in total funds). The Oregon Cares Fund website states:

The Oregon Cares Fund is a targeted investment in the Black community from the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund. This fund is meant to provide the Black community with the resources it needs to weather the global health pandemic and consequent recession. The Oregon Cares Fund is for Black people, Black-owned businesses, and Black community based organizations.

At the time, the Oregon Legislative Counsel warned that the program might be unconstitutional, especially because the legislature had not shown evidence that past discrimination was responsible for black Oregonians’ suffering during COVID 19 outbreak.

As discussed below, we think the program may potentially, but would not necessarily, violate the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution and the privileges and immunities clause of the Oregon Constitution.

Under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits states from denying “equal protection of the laws” to individuals, state laws that classify individuals according to race or gender are subject to special scrutiny.

…We are not aware of any evidentiary findings by the legislature or the Emergency Board in support of the OBDD grant program at issue here. Without any such findings, the program would almost certainly be unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment.

…Article I, section 20, of the Oregon Constitution, prohibits the state from providing privileges or immunities to a class of citizens if the privileges or immunities do not apply on the same terms to all citizens.

Two federal lawsuits have been filed: one by a logging company, Great Northern Resources; and the other by a Mexican-American coffee shop owner, Maria Garcia. (For her trouble, she has been labeled by Latino “leaders” as “anti-Black.”)

Written by Stephan Ball

**Update to our story about Oakridge Officer on leave.

Officer Larsen Oakridge Police Department

Update: 12/9/2020

Oakridge Police Officer Loren Larsen is on leave while and independent investigation is conducted into inappropriate behavior. The complete story link is here. We have been contacted by the private investigator. If anyone has information regarding Officer Loren Larsen in Oakridge is encouraged to contact Crystal Riley of Clear Investigations.

Link to Clear Investigations Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/Crystal-at-Clear-Investigations-108576304393248/

Written by Marie

Illegal Aliens Voted in NV, Did They Vote in Oregon?

An excerpt taken from the Trump Campaign’s lawsuit in Nevada.

President Donald Trump has evidence from Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles that almost 4k illegal aliens voted in the 2020 election. With Nevada very much like Oregon in that illegal aliens can get driver’s licenses there. Even though Oregon voters overwhelmingly said “no” to illegals having drivers licenses, Oregon Governor Kate Brown said “yes” and using her pen (fascist witch wand), waved it and now illegals having a need can get a drivers license in Oregon.

To register to vote in Oregon you need what ? A Drivers License and Identification, to lie on the application. I cannot imagine a Democrat lying, (dripping with sarcasm,) anyone who would vote for late term murder of a baby while being or close to being born is capable of lying on a voter application or cheating in an election.

People saying they were from “Livable World” tried to sign up my then 14 year old daughter to vote in Oregon, not sure if they had a way to get around the requirements, I told them get away from us, and promptly reported it to the Oregon Department of Justice, who told me it is not against the law to recruit voters, it is against the law if the voter lies, wow! So recruiting underage voters is okay, as long as you let them lie and use fraud to sign up, Hmmmm! Seems like the organizations signing up voters should be vetting them.

Perhaps the DMV should be vetting them, wait! the DMV or Secretary of States Office changed more than 450 peoples voter registrations from Republican to Non-affiliated or worse Democrat since 2016, trusting DMV is not the answer. Well the Secretary of State is not much help, as they told me the U.S. Department of Justice in investigating the switched voter identifications, ending their comment and communications with me, again Wow! Literally nothing further on the matter.

Written by Stephan Ball