Oakridge Oregon Police Officer on leave pending investigation into inappropriate behavior.

Published: December 1, 2020

Oakridge Oregon Police Officer Loren Larsen is on leave as of October 26th, 2020 pending an outside investigation into inappropriate behavior, according to Oakridge City Administrator Bryan Cutchen.

Mr. Cutchen also says “No employment action is pending at this time. The investigation is still ongoing”. We asked if the case was brought about because of a call Officer Larsen answered of a minor who was involved in an attempted rape on October 9th, 2020 involving registered sex offender. Oakridge City Administrator said simply “As City Administrator having the employment decision authority, I purposely do not know the details of the investigation until it is complete”.

This call on October 9th, 2020 dispatch told officer Larsen registered sex offender LEONARDO CARLOS ALVAREZ-SIERRA allegedly attempted rape of a minor inside a vehicle where the minor reported spraying him with pepper spray on his testicles in an attempt to escape. Dispatch told Officer Larsen that he was on probation as a Registered Sex Offender for Sex Abuse II. As of this time records show the registered sex offender has still yet to be arrested as a result of this call.

Officer Larsen told dispatch he was transporting the minor home. It’s unclear if the minor became a victim twice that night.

Leo Alvarez does have a record for violating his probation on 8/14/2020 months before this call on October 9th, 2020.

We have reached out to Lane County District Attorney Patty Perlow to see if Larsen is under criminal investigation or indictment. It is unknown what call prompted the investigation. Some people we spoke with were interviewed by a Private Investigator about this case were asked about receiving inappropriate text messages and or offers after police contact. We will update our story as it develops. Anyone with information on Officer Larsen can email us on this developing story.

Written by Marie

2 thoughts on “Oakridge Oregon Police Officer on leave pending investigation into inappropriate behavior.

  1. I personally witnessed inappropriate text messages from officer Larson to a minor female. It wasn’t just one or two they went on and on for months. The same minor crashed into Union Pacific’s railroad crossing less than a mile from the oak ridge Police station officer Larson transported the intoxicated minor to her 40-year-old boyfriend’s house never issuing her any citation whatsoever officer Larson is derelict in his duties he’s a fraud and a disgrace to the badge and those are facts he needs to be removed.if you would like names more facts do not hesitate to contact. I can assure you everything I have wrote is the truth.


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