Senator Kamala Harris confirms likely voter fraud in 2020 election.

5 Jewish things to know about Kamala Harris - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

In November of 2008 Barrack Hussein Obama (probably) won election to the Presidency of the United States of America, he immediately within ten days announced the resignation of his seat as the Junior United States Senator in Illinois. The fact that it is December and Kamala has not resigned yet is telling, and confirms that she knows something fraudulent is going on in the 2020 election, we reached out for comment from her campaign and had not received a comment.

It would be an incredibly bold and symbolic move of Harris to resign the seat in support of Joe Biden having won the election legally, yet she does not. This shows us the people that even she knows the election was stolen, with phone calls released of Chinese nationals selling blank ballots to Democrats in at least five states, and open hearings in Arizona and Pennsylvania exposing massive amounts of fraud across the country, we the people have to be given a fair and free election and that just has not happened.

With a viral video of Joe Biden claiming they have a massive voter fraud network in place, and one of the symptoms of Dementia being lack of a filter of sensitive information it is likely he slipped up and was not supposed to tell us all about their massive voter fraud network they had set up.

Written by Stephan Ball

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