Corona Virus lockdown does not apply to the wealthy elite.

From Oregon’s own Governor Kate Brown, Chris Cuomo, every day Celebrities like Kandi Burruss party travel and everything else against lockdown and recommendations for Covid-19.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown inflicted harsh lockdown protocols for State of Oregon and despite her own travel restrictions she flew out of State for Thanksgiving calibrations. Real Housewife of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss attended a massive maskless birthday party of Lil Waynes daughter. Youtube videos show exactly how the wealthy elite show their hypocracy. In the words of Kandi Burruss “The look was everything”.

All outspoken haters of Trump, are you starting to detect how hypocrisy and Left go hand in hand. Coronavirus is so deadly they party! They are the first to criticize and shame those who they see not wearing masks as Kate Brown has done many times on social media about Trump but it’s the Dirty Democrats what else would you expect? Their double standards are changing the fabric of America and what real Americans will and will not tolerate.

Written by Marie

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