Will Media be found complicit if Courts find Election Fraud?

Dominion Employee Melissa Carone Testifies

A number of Dominion’s own employees testified to the Michigan House Oversight Committee. Testimony, pictures and video oh my. Several trained and certified workers testified about blatant voter fraud. Testifying in come cases where they asked questions and questions methods they knew where happening illegally.

Some testimony outlines how non trained people who attended had the sole purpose of having Republican watchers blocked from viewing by intimidation and pressured then eventually forced to leave. Many people they said wore Biden shirts and clapped when Republican watchers were forced out even though they had legal obligation to watch for Election Fraud.

Testimony continued with a singular ballot ran through and counted several times, which is a violation and is completely illegal. Everyone watching and questioning the illegal activity helplessly watched an Election being stolen, until allowed to testify.

Testimony from other states are the same. Certified workers kept out of the area they were certified for. See Anna from Arizona testimony here. Workers saying there were their to make Arizona turn Blue and that they had Lawyers on stand by as if it was a threat. Recorders office allowing only Democrats Votes and denying those of Registered Republicans. Even those Republicans who brought their Voter Registration Card were denied the ability to vote.

Arizona Testimony

Simply unacceptable. The dangers of Republicans accepting this Election is that once they get away with massive voter fraud our Elections will never be the same again and likely will not favor any true and honest candidates ever again in American History. That is right, if the corruption involved in 2020 Election is allowed to continue with no oversight and more importantly with consequences than Elections going forward mean absolutely nothing.

Many Americans haven’t even seen the Testimony as major media outlets won’t cover anything that contradicts their narrative. Then this begs the question “Are major media outlets who deny any evidence or any voter fraud complicit”? We believe so.

Legally battles loom for Facebook and Twitter for falsely fact checking literally everyone from Politicians, Public Figures, Celebrities and everyday people. If courts decide that Facebook and Twitter did block and ban people and removed their freedom of Speech then what does that say for legal battles to come over Media’s denial of Election Fraud.

Media also denied rioting and looting calling it protest for months until videos of mass destruction and violence like what we seen in Portland Oregon. CNN originally denied rioting was occurring here. Media outlets like CNN actually publish that no evidence even exists. How media willfully ignoring any testimony and evidence provided not being complicit?

The danger is that no free and fair election will ever be again. Conservatives must not waver on having free and fair elections. Conservatives must continue to fight regardless of harassment and intimidation. Media and Social Media need to be held accountable and that really depends on us. Are we just gonna fold or insist on accountability? We simply cannot give up. We have to fight harder than ever to combat corruption. We have to fight harder that Democrats coming up with ways to be corrupt and cheat. Many Conservatives say they are preparing for the U.S. to look and be a whole lot different if a battle must be waged.

Written by Marie

One thought on “Will Media be found complicit if Courts find Election Fraud?

  1. Absolutely right. I’m donating as much as I can regularly! Better to be prepared. Most of Oregon is Republican. Strength in numbers. Please, someone, form a group of conservative rural counties in Oregon that will stand against a democratic presidency if it occurs. Don’t wait. Bond together and resist. Howard


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