Eric Swalwell Compromised by Chinese Spy.

Eric Swalwell 114th official photo.jpg
Former Democratic Presidential Candidate and Congressman Eric Swalwell

From a man who was so adamant that President Trump was compromised by Russian agents, Eric Swalwell has been formerly “briefed” by the Federal Bureau of Investigations that Fang Fang or Christine Gang, a member of Swalwell’s political “machine” is a Chinese Spy. Fang is reported to have infiltrated the Swalwell campaign when he was a City Councilman in the California City of Dublin. Swalwell has sinced distanced himself from Fang.

While the FBI was surveilling Fang during their investigation, they confirmed she did sleep with at least two political officials. They also said that Fang did fundraising for Tulsi Gabbard, and Swalwell during each of their campaigns.

When a video by a top Chinese Professor was released claiming to have Chinese operatives at the top levels of government in the United States, President Trump pointed to Swalwell as an example.

According to the Axios, Fang returned to China in mid-2015 amid an FBI investigation into her activities. She has not returned to the US since.

This story shows the lengths that China goes to influence American politics – getting cozy with politicians early on in their careers so it can influence them later on.

Fang is said to have slept with at least two US mayors and got close to numerous Bay Area politicians in a years long intelligence campaign directed at influencing American officials early in their careers.

Written by Stephan Ball

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