Antifa in Portland Readies for War

As shown weapons readied for an eventual assault by police to retake the area Photos Courtesy of Oregon
Devices designed and intended to damage the tires of any police vehicles deployed, are unlikely to damage anything but people stepping on them
Calling for the death of police officers, landlords, capitalism, and the press is the calling card of terror groups like Antifa and BLM.

The Mississippi Street “Redhouse” and five blocks have been taken in Portland, it has been barricaded to extraordinary size. This is day five, and tensions are rising as the leftist terrorists of Antifa wait for the police to make their move.

Police wait patiently or tentatively for the situation to either worsen or get better, the two sides are said to be negotiating a resolve. We in Oregon negotiate with terrorists now. This will only encourage more terrorism in the state.

As the photo shows, these barricades come complete with piles of all kinds of weapons; spikes, small stones, eggs and bottles which have been used as Molotov Cokatials in the past.

The streets are filled with spikes and over-turned garbage cans from local businesses, this all over an eviction of a member of Antifa, who is said to have used the money they owed for rent for legal bills in order to fight the eviction.

With tensions in a country high already with the election in question because of the high likelihood of cheating, the left continues their shenanigans, one Representative calling on “soldiers” of the left to do what they do.

Be ready people, stay vigilant, the storm is almost upon us. When it comes be ready to choose a side because our Democratic Republic is in danger.

Written by Stephan Ball

One thought on “Antifa in Portland Readies for War

  1. Can you imagine the terror the residents in that zone are going through? Inside the occupied territory of a para-military organization that threatens the lives of those who do not comply with their ideology.


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