A Patriot Call to Action

GOP's Favorability Highest In 7 Years - Jim Heath TV

On January 6th of 2021, Electors will meet at a joint session of Congress, where they electoral votes will be almost certainly challenged by GOP representatives. What we need you the people to do is, Call every Senator on the following list and tell them that if they fail to fight for the disenfranchised voters of America against this election fraud by not supporting the objecting Representatives they will lose you as a voter for the GOP forever, as almost certainly they will lose at least half of their voting base overnight.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is likely the best shot at objecting to respective voting fraud. His contact information link is; https://contactsenators.com/texas/ted-cruz

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky; https://contactsenators.com/kentucky/rand-paul

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee ; (202) 224-3344

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina ;(202)224-6121

Senator Mike Lee of Utah ; (202) 224-5444

I have also included the link below for you to contact any and all Senators and tell them to support President Donald Trump and that election fraud should not be tolerated.


Written by Stephan Ball

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