Clear Path to Victory for Trump

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A fairly accurate representation of what needs to happen to get Trump’s second term

With eight cases still pending before SCOTUS for the Presidency. SCOTUS seems unlikely to hear anything that forces them to make hard choices for the rest of us. Even though it is the job of The Supreme Court of the United States to hear the hard evidence, they seem reluctant to decide this issue. According to sources most of the Justices are afraid of the massive rioting that is likely to happen if they made the right choice. They seem afraid of the left, where they should be concerned about the right, as there are things far worse than rioting.

With our country on the verge of war, if Biden were to take office there would certainly be a war, of Trump is in office for another four years there will be rioting in seven major U.S. Cities. I think the left underestimates the resolve of the right, they think they will do nothing and they may be right, however I think there will certainly be war if Biden takes office, open rebellion, the right stands for honor and integrity and those are two things the 2020 election did not have, the right side will not allow cheating to win ever. That is where we are as a country, how we got here is simple, one side cheated in an election the people responsible for sorting it out have failed to do their job, this will leave many of us with little choice on how we react, for we cannot allow cheating to win.

With the Blooberg gun control group already calling for massive gun control measures even though Biden is not in office, with links to Hunter Biden and China and Ukraine pointing to Joe Biden being compromised to the Chinese and Ukrainians. A dual Senate race in Georgia, has left our country a choice between a status quo and a socialist state. Senator Kamala Harris has said that she would enact gun control nationwide with Executive Order if she were President. How long do you think Dementia Joe will last?

Fight like you are the third monkey on Noah’s Ark and it is starting to rain.

Written by Stephan Ball

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