Patriots Invade Oregon’s Capital Building

Protesters spray mace toward police as they attempt to get into the Oregon State Capitol during a special session of the state legislature in Salem, Ore., on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020. State police declared an unlawful assembly at Oregon's Capitol building as protesters opposed to COVID-19 restrictions attempted to force their way in during the third special legislative session. (Abigail Dollins/Statesman-Journal via AP)
As patriots forced their way into a secret legislative session, police soaked them with pepper spray.

In Salem Oregon today, Patriots rallied against a “secret” meeting of the state legislature and forced their way inside of the building, where they proceeded to play the national anthem. The people involved were chanting “USA” and “StoptheSteal” at times. They forced their way past Salem and State Police Officers, pepper spray was used against the mostly peaceful protect. Republican State Representative Doug Beard from Roseburg made an appearance and spoke at the rally, urging people to remain calm and that he endorsed their protest as long as it was peaceful, he was quickly shouted down by the crowd.

The legislature is said to have been meeting about Covid 19 Lockdown procedures, which have virtually been in place since March with almost no relief. Governor Kate Brown called the special session last week. The mainstream media promoted that the protesters were armed, and some were, no weapons were used against the police, pepper spray was used against the crowd. Antifa and BLM rioted in Portland for the better part of 100 days, and pepper spray was rarely used by any Oregon Police Officers.

Why do you think they would used pepper spray now? Against Patriots? Ask yourself that.

Written by Stephan Ball

One thought on “Patriots Invade Oregon’s Capital Building

  1. They should have been carrying BLM flags not American flags and they could have taken it over but the police are doing the bidding for the people who actually hate them, this is not going to work out well in the end as this is just beginning.


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