Trump tells Congress to Give Citizens 2k.

President Trump, seen earlier this month, called for lawmakers to increase direct payments to Americans to $2,000 from $600.

President Trump was critical of Republicans and Democrats who voted for the new stimulus bill, stating that it gave away all our money to foreign countries and none to the suffering masses. Trump said he would veto the bill unless the “pork” was trimmed off of it, and the citizens were each given $2,000. This has his base very happy but caused a meltdown of epic proportions among Senators and Representatives alike, Senator Klobuchar making a statement that because Trump wants to take care of citizens and not the world he would be burning down the country.

You literally cannot make this up, President Trump, who clearly cares for the American Citizen, having to tell the bloated government to stop sending money to Sudan 700 million, or Gender Programs in Afghanistan for 15 Million dollars, while the old bill called for just $600 dollars for each citizen. According to Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard they bill was over 5,000 pages and they were only given a few hours to read it before they had to vote, she said she voted “no.”

Where have we gone as a country where we forget that this is a country belonging to The People, We the People need to start demanding our government do a better job at helping us and stop sending billions of our dollars to other countries.

Written by Stephan Ball

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