A Million Patriots Will Descend on D.C.

A British Perspective on American Patriotism - BLEU
Patriotism is our duty for those of us who took an Oath.

President Donald Trump has called for patriots everywhere to descend upon Washington D.C. on January 6th of 2021. That is the day that Representatives in Congress can with the help of a friendly Senator object to any states electors, and request instead that alternative electors be selected, for each state objected to and agreed to by a Senator, each segment of Congress will have to adjourn to their respective halls to argue for two hours, with seven states believed to be on the agenda for objections and dozens of congressional candidates lined up to object it is likely going to be a long day.

Dueling electors have been appointed in six of seven contested states and, can be counted if the votes are there, what is likely to happen is that each hall of congress will vote respective with their parties and all seven states will not be accepted by Vice President Pence because of they will be considered in question.

Another of the things that could happen is that Republicans could en masse screw over President Trump and not even fight, but there will be a million patriots in D.C. on that day, and these are not Antifa punks or weak-kneed BLM that buckle at the sight of conflict. Many patriots are veterans, police, fire personnel, and working folks. Some of which have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Election fraud falls under domestic enemies, just in case someone is wondering.

Many patriots have informed me that they believe this is a coup against the rightfully elected President, Donald Trump. With Joe Biden reportedly garnering 81 million votes according to the media, no right-minded person believes this propaganda. The only people who believe Trump lost are the looney left and people who are still asleep, even Kamala Harris and Joe Biden both know Trump won, Biden confessed to having the largest voter fraud network ever (media tried to cover this up and failed), and Harris has not given up her U.S. Senate seat, Barrack Obama gave his seat up just days after the election in 2008.

When Vice President Pence counts the electors he does not have to count any electors that are in question, which will give Trump 232 electoral votes to Biden 227, which will result in Trump being re-elected. However, it can be decided that the entire election was fraudulent, at which time each state will vote along party lines according to their legislature, which gives Trump 30 to 20 the Presidency.

Donald Trump has twice tweeted for patriots to show up on that day, by my count there will be in excess of a million patriots in the city protesting, likely Antifa will show up and want to fight. Antifa may resort to violence but certainly the Patriots will finish it.

Written by Stephan Ball

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