More States Join Texas at Supreme Court


South Carolina
South Dakota

All join the Texas Supreme Court Equal Protection Clause lawsuit against the corrupt states of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. If successful this would invalidate any electors the fraudulent votes seat, but instead seat electors according to the legislatures, which in each of those states is Republican and likely would vote Trump, giving him the votes needed to be President for another four years.

Written by Stephan Ball

Texas Files Suit Directly to Supreme Court

The State of Texas believes that the election has been stolen and is suing other states to stop the electoral process.

The State of Texas has filed suit directly with the Supreme Court of the United States that Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are in violation of the Electors Clause, vesting the legislatures with the authority regarding the appointment of electors. What Texas is saying is that all of the aforementioned states have failed to identify the fraud taking place in each of their states and rectify it themselves. Texas is asking for the Supreme Court of the United States to rectify this and force the states to answer for obvious and blatant voter fraud.

With each of the states involved using Dominion Voting machines, and Texas having shown that Dominion machines and can be easily hacked, programmed with ratio vote totals or even completely fraudulent vote totals. Texas is asking that the legislatures be forced to seat electors suited to each states legislature. They are also seeking redress on Dominion Voting, possibly forcing all Dominion counted votes in these states to be tossed out, again forcing the legislatures to seat electors in favor of the their legislatures again.

If successful this would bypass the electoral college and force the house into a state by state vote for the President, in which Donald Trump would be elected 26 to 23 under the 12th amendment, to serve his second term. The lawsuit is not considered a longshot, it is one of many avenues taken by those who believe the election fraud evidence which so many of us have seen during the testimonies given before the various hearings.

Written by Stephan Ball

Eric Swalwell Compromised by Chinese Spy.

Eric Swalwell 114th official photo.jpg
Former Democratic Presidential Candidate and Congressman Eric Swalwell

From a man who was so adamant that President Trump was compromised by Russian agents, Eric Swalwell has been formerly “briefed” by the Federal Bureau of Investigations that Fang Fang or Christine Gang, a member of Swalwell’s political “machine” is a Chinese Spy. Fang is reported to have infiltrated the Swalwell campaign when he was a City Councilman in the California City of Dublin. Swalwell has sinced distanced himself from Fang.

While the FBI was surveilling Fang during their investigation, they confirmed she did sleep with at least two political officials. They also said that Fang did fundraising for Tulsi Gabbard, and Swalwell during each of their campaigns.

When a video by a top Chinese Professor was released claiming to have Chinese operatives at the top levels of government in the United States, President Trump pointed to Swalwell as an example.

According to the Axios, Fang returned to China in mid-2015 amid an FBI investigation into her activities. She has not returned to the US since.

This story shows the lengths that China goes to influence American politics – getting cozy with politicians early on in their careers so it can influence them later on.

Fang is said to have slept with at least two US mayors and got close to numerous Bay Area politicians in a years long intelligence campaign directed at influencing American officials early in their careers.

Written by Stephan Ball

Will Media be found complicit if Courts find Election Fraud?

Dominion Employee Melissa Carone Testifies

A number of Dominion’s own employees testified to the Michigan House Oversight Committee. Testimony, pictures and video oh my. Several trained and certified workers testified about blatant voter fraud. Testifying in come cases where they asked questions and questions methods they knew where happening illegally.

Some testimony outlines how non trained people who attended had the sole purpose of having Republican watchers blocked from viewing by intimidation and pressured then eventually forced to leave. Many people they said wore Biden shirts and clapped when Republican watchers were forced out even though they had legal obligation to watch for Election Fraud.

Testimony continued with a singular ballot ran through and counted several times, which is a violation and is completely illegal. Everyone watching and questioning the illegal activity helplessly watched an Election being stolen, until allowed to testify.

Testimony from other states are the same. Certified workers kept out of the area they were certified for. See Anna from Arizona testimony here. Workers saying there were their to make Arizona turn Blue and that they had Lawyers on stand by as if it was a threat. Recorders office allowing only Democrats Votes and denying those of Registered Republicans. Even those Republicans who brought their Voter Registration Card were denied the ability to vote.

Arizona Testimony

Simply unacceptable. The dangers of Republicans accepting this Election is that once they get away with massive voter fraud our Elections will never be the same again and likely will not favor any true and honest candidates ever again in American History. That is right, if the corruption involved in 2020 Election is allowed to continue with no oversight and more importantly with consequences than Elections going forward mean absolutely nothing.

Many Americans haven’t even seen the Testimony as major media outlets won’t cover anything that contradicts their narrative. Then this begs the question “Are major media outlets who deny any evidence or any voter fraud complicit”? We believe so.

Legally battles loom for Facebook and Twitter for falsely fact checking literally everyone from Politicians, Public Figures, Celebrities and everyday people. If courts decide that Facebook and Twitter did block and ban people and removed their freedom of Speech then what does that say for legal battles to come over Media’s denial of Election Fraud.

Media also denied rioting and looting calling it protest for months until videos of mass destruction and violence like what we seen in Portland Oregon. CNN originally denied rioting was occurring here. Media outlets like CNN actually publish that no evidence even exists. How media willfully ignoring any testimony and evidence provided not being complicit?

The danger is that no free and fair election will ever be again. Conservatives must not waver on having free and fair elections. Conservatives must continue to fight regardless of harassment and intimidation. Media and Social Media need to be held accountable and that really depends on us. Are we just gonna fold or insist on accountability? We simply cannot give up. We have to fight harder than ever to combat corruption. We have to fight harder that Democrats coming up with ways to be corrupt and cheat. Many Conservatives say they are preparing for the U.S. to look and be a whole lot different if a battle must be waged.

Written by Marie

Corona Virus lockdown does not apply to the wealthy elite.

From Oregon’s own Governor Kate Brown, Chris Cuomo, every day Celebrities like Kandi Burruss party travel and everything else against lockdown and recommendations for Covid-19.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown inflicted harsh lockdown protocols for State of Oregon and despite her own travel restrictions she flew out of State for Thanksgiving calibrations. Real Housewife of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss attended a massive maskless birthday party of Lil Waynes daughter. Youtube videos show exactly how the wealthy elite show their hypocracy. In the words of Kandi Burruss “The look was everything”.

All outspoken haters of Trump, are you starting to detect how hypocrisy and Left go hand in hand. Coronavirus is so deadly they party! They are the first to criticize and shame those who they see not wearing masks as Kate Brown has done many times on social media about Trump but it’s the Dirty Democrats what else would you expect? Their double standards are changing the fabric of America and what real Americans will and will not tolerate.

Written by Marie

Evidence Mounts on Voter Fraud in 2020 Election.

a group of people holding wine glasses: Sidney Powell at the Republican National Committee headquarters Washington DC on November 19, 2020. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
Sidney Powell has active lawsuits in multiple states alleging voter fraud in the 2020 election

With the Buffalo Chronicle stating that Mob Boss Joey Merlino in Philly wants to cut a deal with Federal authorities to testify that Biden’s people in Pennsylvania paid him three million dollars to manufacture 300k ballots for Biden, and a USPS employee testifying that he transported thousands of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania the election is certainly in doubt in that state. Among hundreds of other cases of reported voter fraud in PA alone.

In Georgia more than one hundred people have testified to hundreds of violation of the voting laws in the states, with one of the testimonies talking about hundreds of thousands of ballots being brought in after the polls were closed by people who were not election workers. Computer USB drives were stolen, uploaded with data then used by operatives to place votes for Biden into computers, with poll watchers unable to attend counting centers in violations of court orders and hundreds of accounts of dead people having cast a vote, many of which had been dead for more than 50 years. One of the most telling signs of voter fraud was when notable computer security experts testified that analyzing all of the voter spikes, showed that 580k votes for Biden and 3800 votes for Trump were added during those times, being mathematically impossible that clearly showed a pattern of voter fraud.

Michigan has more than 200 sworn affiants to the election fraud computer tampering in the election, many of which are Democrat. Reports of Democrats counting at stations together, that some of the ballots for Biden had been ran in the machines 80 or 90 times. Military ballots being tossed out, photocopies of ballots being counted. One thing for sure is that this election if a fraud.

According to testimony in Nevada as many people voted twice in that state as to affect the lead Biden has, and that if those votes are reversed in is likely Trump wins. Reported among the Native American tribes there is the fact that Democrats, Biden Campaign people were offering lap tops and iphones to Native Americans for their votes, AG Barr has this incident on his radar.

Arizona had IT people testify that they saw huge vote dumps for Biden. Others testified under oath about seeing Trump ballots being destroyed by the thousands, and that Biden votes were run multiple times through the machines.

How do we resolve this? Three ways come to mind, neither of them Democrats will like. First, we could declare martial law, and have the military run another election, fairly and in person with ID; We could use the 12th amendment and seat the the electoral one per state, and they voter down party lines, Democrats like this one least because it is will be 26-23 for Donald Trump; Lastly we could be forced to accept the election as it was run, in which case it would be the death of Democracy in America. No election from this time forward would ever be a fair and free election, likely a civil war results from this option, to the distinct disadvantage of the Democrats who lack the weapons or training to fight such a war.

Written by Stephan Ball

Reuters Fake Fact Checking opinion articles on Obama and Soros arrests.

Photo from

Reuters using name recognition to falsify fact checking on an opinion article. They list no facts to debunk the story. They do this as a matter of limiting media and informing the general public. Reuters job it seems is to debunk any story or opinion article in this case that speaks in a negative nature to Democrats and corruption. Never coming to the opinion that they side in the favor of Republicans or Conservatives. How can the odds be so stacked?

Reuters takes personal attacks on Conservatives on a constant basis. They also attacked and falsely fact checked an article about Soros arrest. When Reuters does this fact checking the results say “Reuters Staff” no one person takes accountability this way. Zero facts are given to back up the claims are false. In fact they riddle the fact checking with quotes like this: “This fabricated article copied segments of a press release from the Department of Justice on the arrest of a former CIA official, not President Obama. Reuters found no credible news reports on the alleged arrest. An event of this kind would have widely been reported in the U.S. and elsewhere”.

Actually if your paying attention to World Events this would NOT be widely reported in the US or anywhere for that matter. And where is this “Credible News Reports” they speak of. CNN is the Fake News Leader for the US. Why would they base the fact checking on it would have been credibly reported elsewhere is not doing any sort of investigation into weather the article is true in nature. This is a hugely misleading representation of what checking the facts actually entails. This is laziest form of investigative journalism is done and why Americans do not believe in the fake factchecking that Facebook and Twitter source out. This is also one of the main reasons that our Government is having CEO’s of Twitter and Facebook testify under oath. Maybe Reuters should have to do the same.

Reuters article debunking Soros involvement in Election tampering has links that they used as their basis for claiming the facts are untrue and these links go to nowhere. The internet cannot find them. Odd? Not really for Reuters, many of their articles have links that go absolutely no where. This is a example of the Reuters Fact Checking they have up currently on their website. Direct quote here with links:

Reuters article debunking Soros involvement in Election tampering has links that they used as their basis for claiming the facts are untrue and these links go to nowhere. The internet cannot find them. Odd? Not really for Reuters, many of their articles have links that go absolutely no where.

This is a example of the Reuters Fact Checking they have up currently on their website. Direct quote here with links: Some of the articles with the false arrest report have been deleted, but their archived versions can still be seen here and . Go ahead click a Reuters link it goes no where. This is who people are basing their Fact Checking on. Sad that this is how far Media and the Democrats have come. They believe that Americans are stupid and we will believe them when they say “WE ALREADY CHECKED ON THIS FOR YOU FOLKS” ” NOTHING TRUE HERE”.

Just like our Government wants accountability from Media and Social Media for monitoring what information is given to us and letting us decide we need to insist on being able to have the freedom of getting any and all information and forming our own opinions. We need our Freedom of Speech restored in America to or we need to abandon completely the Websites that removed it in the first place.

Written by Marie

Oakridge Oregon Police Officer on leave pending investigation into inappropriate behavior.

Published: December 1, 2020

Oakridge Oregon Police Officer Loren Larsen is on leave as of October 26th, 2020 pending an outside investigation into inappropriate behavior, according to Oakridge City Administrator Bryan Cutchen.

Mr. Cutchen also says “No employment action is pending at this time. The investigation is still ongoing”. We asked if the case was brought about because of a call Officer Larsen answered of a minor who was involved in an attempted rape on October 9th, 2020 involving registered sex offender. Oakridge City Administrator said simply “As City Administrator having the employment decision authority, I purposely do not know the details of the investigation until it is complete”.

This call on October 9th, 2020 dispatch told officer Larsen registered sex offender LEONARDO CARLOS ALVAREZ-SIERRA allegedly attempted rape of a minor inside a vehicle where the minor reported spraying him with pepper spray on his testicles in an attempt to escape. Dispatch told Officer Larsen that he was on probation as a Registered Sex Offender for Sex Abuse II. As of this time records show the registered sex offender has still yet to be arrested as a result of this call.

Officer Larsen told dispatch he was transporting the minor home. It’s unclear if the minor became a victim twice that night.

Leo Alvarez does have a record for violating his probation on 8/14/2020 months before this call on October 9th, 2020.

We have reached out to Lane County District Attorney Patty Perlow to see if Larsen is under criminal investigation or indictment. It is unknown what call prompted the investigation. Some people we spoke with were interviewed by a Private Investigator about this case were asked about receiving inappropriate text messages and or offers after police contact. We will update our story as it develops. Anyone with information on Officer Larsen can email us on this developing story.

Written by Marie

Senator Kamala Harris confirms likely voter fraud in 2020 election.

5 Jewish things to know about Kamala Harris - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

In November of 2008 Barrack Hussein Obama (probably) won election to the Presidency of the United States of America, he immediately within ten days announced the resignation of his seat as the Junior United States Senator in Illinois. The fact that it is December and Kamala has not resigned yet is telling, and confirms that she knows something fraudulent is going on in the 2020 election, we reached out for comment from her campaign and had not received a comment.

It would be an incredibly bold and symbolic move of Harris to resign the seat in support of Joe Biden having won the election legally, yet she does not. This shows us the people that even she knows the election was stolen, with phone calls released of Chinese nationals selling blank ballots to Democrats in at least five states, and open hearings in Arizona and Pennsylvania exposing massive amounts of fraud across the country, we the people have to be given a fair and free election and that just has not happened.

With a viral video of Joe Biden claiming they have a massive voter fraud network in place, and one of the symptoms of Dementia being lack of a filter of sensitive information it is likely he slipped up and was not supposed to tell us all about their massive voter fraud network they had set up.

Written by Stephan Ball