Antifa Storms Capital Amidst Trump “Mostly Peaceful” Protest.

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Leaders of Philadelphia’s Antifa were among those who led the rioting rally-goers into the capital, injuring 14 police officers and 4 of the persons attending the rally were killed by police, reports are that all four were unarmed, one of which was a 14 year Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbit began climbing through a broken window near the Speaker’s Lobby at the Capitol building before a single gunshot was heard and she fell back to the ground. She was pronounced dead a nearby hospital.

Ashli was a in a position of high level security operations when she was in the Air Force, and she did four tours in Iraq, she was a vocal supporter of President Trump, perhaps that is why she is dead. For months the people of Antifa assaulted the federal courthouse in Portland with firebombs, sling shots, lasers, and yet no shots were fired into the crowd. This woman was climbing through a door, unarmed, and she was shot dead. Where is the outrage, does she have to be black, how about imagining that she was.

While the protests were mostly peaceful in nature, most of the people were there to voice their opposition to the counting of electoral votes from states that were in question. The President spoke at the rally that morning and asked the people to remain calm and be peaceful. Reports are that two large busses of Antifa personnel pulled up behind the house and that Antifa, wearing MAGA gear infiltrated into the crowd and began to stir up sentiment.

Many of the Trump rally-goers said that it was pretty peaceful until a few younger men came into the crowd wearing Trump gear and started yelling and pushing people to get them riled up. Our sources on the ground at the time it was not like normal people at Trump rallies who are just peaceful and stand around talking, these people began shoving others and pushing the police, our sources said no one had seen these people at any other rallies before.

chart, line chart: STATISTA
A Newsweek poll showing how People are beginning to feel about election theft.

Oregon remember this, according to sources Oregon’s Peter Defazio was seen running away from the riot screaming ” a coup a coup, help me” While members of the Texas Delegation ran to help the police. This about sums up Oregon and Democrats in general.

As a country of rules and laws, the people feel have not been represented. Election Fraud is real and failing to answer those questions and get answers for those crimes in our election will only cause more of this. While I do not endorse disorganized insurrection, I do understand how this happened. I have shown you evidence that both “Trumpsters” and Antifa are at fault for this, I hope that our politicians remember the fear they felt at the hands of Antifa, because that is how we feel when they riot and burn in our cities. If perhaps law enforcement were to crackdown on Antifa because of this then Ms. Babbit’s sacrifice will not be in vain.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes, sky and outdoor
Antifa members scaling the wall, using homemade ladders, many of which they brought with them

As a 17 year law enforcement official I feel for the officers on the ground who had to deploy deadly force, as having to do it myself at one time I understand, I am still trying to understand how shooting any unarmed woman is justified. Protecting elected officials should be the same as for protecting a regular citizens.

Written by Stephan Ball

2 thoughts on “Antifa Storms Capital Amidst Trump “Mostly Peaceful” Protest.

  1. The “homemade” ladders to which you refer appear to be the rail fencing sections that are normally used outside the capitol.


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