Parler Disabled as Trump Declares Insurrection Among Democrats

Screen shot of Trump’s Parler post just before Parler was shutdown by big tech.

Donald J. Trump apparently has declared Insurrection on the part of Democrats across the country. We all knew there was massive election fraud, and what looked to be a coordinated effort to steal the election from Donald Trump, Media, courts, and politicians all tried to steal this one from our rightfully elected President, ultimately he Trumped them all.

According to a little know executive order filed on 09/12/2020, Donald Trump can use the insurrection act in cases of foreign election interference. With Director of National Intelligence Ratcliff indicating the China, Iran, and Russia interfered in the 2020 election, Italian Courts have also received information that Italy interfered in collaborative effort with our own Central Intelligence Agency.

According to the same Executive Order we are in a state of national emergency, and as such Donald Trump can sign the insurrection act without any oversight from Congress. Multiple sources have reported huge U.S. Military Movements in and around Washington D.C. Literally hundreds of reports of troops massing around the capital. Trump has asked those of us who stand with him not to interfere in the coming storm. Perhaps this is it, I am just reporting the information I have received, you decide.

In America we have the first amendment right to free speech, even if that speech is wrong or hateful. While I do not agree with incorrect speech or hate speech, I do recognize that people have the right to be heard in this country, with a huge collection of big tech apparently out to censor most of us including the President we are finding it harder and harder to get good accurate information.

Written by Stephan Ball

5 thoughts on “Parler Disabled as Trump Declares Insurrection Among Democrats

      1. Thank you. I believe you may be right. God help our country through this. Here in Texas, we are already arming up and taking stock of what may happen in the next few weeks. It’s hard to read and watch this as we though it would never happen in the US. Keep up the good work.


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