Nancy Pelosi buys 1 Million in Telsa days before Biden announces Government contract with Tesla.

Facebook ignores Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi amid growing backlash over doctored video | Fox News

Nancy Pelosi in a public disclosure form lets Americans know exactly why Politics are making the Left filthy rich. Pelosi bought 25 call options on Tesla stock with a total of 1 Million dollars days before Biden announces that all Government vehicles will now be Green Energy Vehicles from Tesla. Biden’s plan to ban gas powered vehicles starts with working on a Government contract for Tesla for it’s automobiles.

For you or I this disclosure would be admitting insider trading. Pelosi knowing that the Government is working on a Tesla only contract while you then invest a cool Million would land us in jail, it pads the pockets of the dirty democrats. This is how career Politian’s get to be Millionaires on salary.

With 2,500 Tesla shares it is ironic this California Representative couldn’t keep Tesla in California. Her politics forced the Business to move in it’s entirety to Texas like many other businesses did in 2020.

Pelosi as Americans know is closely tied to Biden. They have worked together in Politics for 30+ years. She was very outspoken in support of Biden and anti Trump. I mean Trump stands for Anti Corruption, and was fierce on Biden’s son Hunter who had laptop full of child porn, so it makes since.

Also in her public disclosure statement was massive investments in Disney and Apple. So what is next for these two companies that Biden will no doubt have a hand in as well. Some inside information will have Nancy’s Millions double and triple while Americans are still struggling financially. Biden’s new Executive Orders may be making Pelosi Millions it killed 70,000 jobs in one day while seeking 1.9 Trillion dollars that included aid to foreign Countries and substantial checks to illegals with no social security.

Written by Marie

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