Covid 19 Confirmed Bio-Weapon Built by China

Francis Boyle 2 - 21st Century Wire
Dr, Francis Boyle created the U.S. Bio weapon response for the U.S. in 1989, signed by both the houses of Congress.

Dr. Francis Boyle has confirmed that the Covid-19 virus is a manufactured man-made virus for offensive biological warfare. Mostly likely released intentionally by the Chinese to offset the massive economic and political pressures facing them from the Trump Administration, Hong Kong, and the rest of the free world.

China was all but collapsing prior to the release of the Covid 19 virus, due to their intense response to the virus and the failure to properly quarantine the virus spread throughout the world achieving many of the Chinese desires worldwide. Democrats in America have close ties with China, with many of them taking donations from Chinese based companies directly into their campaigns. With then President Trump putting massive pressures on China to stop stealing our technology, and to cease imposing itself in the South China Sea and the Pacific as a bully, China seemed on the verge of collapse having lost control of Hong Kong.

Suddenly a massively contagious virus is released in an area where there is a renowned biological warfare site and no Democrats question it. In fact when the Trump administration insisted on a travel ban from China, Democrats lost their minds insisting that he was “xenophobic and a racist.” When in all actuality he probably save a million American lives.

Now, Joe Biden increases ties with the country that just killed almost a half a million Americans with the support of most of the Democrats in the House and Senate. Remember this when the 2022 election comes around, watch what they do.

According to Dr. Boyle the Wuhan lab is a BSL Lab that makes offensive biological weapons. Listing that this virus does not exist in nature and is a variant coming from other viruses that could have only been made by man kind. It has been reported that the Chinese had stolen Covid samples from Canada for use in the creation of this virus.

With a transmission rate of 83% and a fatality rate of 15%, showing it is slightly more deadly that SARS. Dr. Boyle has three degrees from Stanford University. Dr. Boyle says that the virus either leaked out of the lab or was intentionally released. He agreed that the timing of such a leak/release was convenient given the problems China faced in the world that suddenly were minimized or disappeared completely.

Written by Stephan Ball

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