Major News Networks refuse to talk about a Syrian Immigrant mass shooting after Biden sends air strikes to Syria.

After Biden sends air strikes to Syria a Syrian Immigrant commits a horrible mass shooting. CNN took the opportunity instead to blame high school bullies for his “anti social” behavior which they believe led to the shooting. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa 21 year old gunman who killed 10 in Colorado shooting had anger issues and mental illness according to family because of his name CNN says.

Search of the suspect’s home turned up other weapons, a senior law enforcement source said Tuesday. The weapon used in the attack was an AR-15-style pistol modified with an arm brace, according to the source. The weapon was purchased on March 16th 2021 and then modified before the assault.

The warrant described Alissa as being armed with either an assault rifle or “black AR-15” and wearing a “tactical” or “armored” vest. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa used a Ruger AR-556 pistol, modified with an arm brace, and was also carrying a 9 mm handgun, according to the source. He was not on any FBI list and was able to purchase weapons legally in the US.

Many believe with the Muslim Quran teaching violence and the hostile relationship between Muslim believers and the United States has some bearing on this case. Also, that longer more involved background checks from immigrants be carried out before purchase could have saved US lives.

Nothing about his or his families views on the recent Biden air strikes were even asked. Just that his family felt he had mental health issues from bullying from American kids because of his Muslim name. Typical divisive rhetoric the Left likes to spew.

Interviews with classmates by MSNBC described him as a “great guy who believed strongly in his faith” and said “he had one outburst of anger in high school during a “wrestle off” where he lost and threatened to kill all of the wrestling team and coach. He was cut from the varsity team as a result. They said he did not seem isolated or anything before the shooting.

Syria had more to say about the air strikes than CNN with a simple statement “Syria condemned the attack as a bad sign from the new US administration. The Pentagon said the strike destroyed “multiple facilities” and was ordered in response to attacks against US and coalition personnel in Iraq. Reports one person had been killed but a war monitor reported at least 22 fatalities.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa who at 21 has never held a job after high school owned rural property in Denver and no one has asked how he is so financially independent to afford his lifestyle and weapons.

Not having media ask the tough questions is starting to look an awful lot like media not being able to ask Biden any questions during press and the term “handlers” used to describe those who block media questions from Biden. Media blackouts for asking any questions to Biden is a hit in Australian News as well as News in the UK who find this behavior of a US President odd. Americans are starting to find it odd that our own Major News Networks are having the same media blackout for any hard hitting questions.

Written by Marie Sharp

Mexico Blames Biden Administration for Border Crisis

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

With a drastic change along the border going from strict enforcement of border control to almost no control over the border illegal immigrants are pouring across the border. With some detention facilities reportedly at 1500% capacity, immigrant children are going without food and and shelter.

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador came out in a speech on Tuesday and made it clear the the border collapse was the fault of the Biden administration. He went on to say the the border is a full blown crisis and that it will only get worse unless something is done. He said that this is a direct result in a shift of policy from the Trump administration’s stiff stance on immigration to an almost “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy the Biden administration apparently has now.

Illegal immigrants see Biden as the migrant President, the one who let them become a citizen of America. They come there for the free healthcare, low cost housing and the subsidies they can get. They come because it is easier than settling in Mexico or another country where they would have to work and would not be given as many things for free.

While many immigrants say they come from places with high rates of violence or war, there are no active wars in these areas, there are however gangs and drug cartels, but those things exist here as well. None of those things allow them to come here and break our laws in order to get in and stay here. None of those things are exceptions to existing international asylum laws. We have violence here too, we have gangs here as well, and we have drug cartels.

According to Border Patrol Agents so many of the detention facilities are full that these criminals are having to be housed in hotels. Many of them away away from these areas once they are unsupervised, it is estimated that more than 125k illegals have walked away from custody since January 2021. No one knows where they are, they have not been given court dates, many have not received Covid testing, they just disappear into the interior to be absorbed by the infrastructure. Arizona and Texas are both reporting overwhelmed medical and educational services, they report massive housing shortages and in some places a lack of food.

The Biden administration of reportedly paying $395.00 a day to house, feed, and clothe each immigrant in Hotels. They sure are spending a lot of money on these criminals for someone who owes me $1400.00.

Mexico’s President went on to say that the United States and Mexico need to work together to stem this flow of criminals, saying that this business cannot be tackled in a day. Central Americans in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, all see Biden as their meal ticket to a better life in America, one in three are children, many of them unaccompanied and many reporting having been sexually assaulted on their way here. Not stopping in Mexico to request asylum as would be normal when someone was fleeing violence and happy to get away, they want the “free stuff” the U.S. is giving out.

Written by Stephan Ball

Kate Brown Cuts in Line For Covid Vaccine.

According to the Grocery Union that represents most of the workers in Oregon and Southwest Washington, Kate Brown cut in line this weekend, in front of people with a higher need than herself to get the Covid 19 Vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. The vaccine is a new one that is a single dose vaccine and is said to have less dangerous side effects than previous two-dose vaccines. This vaccine round was intended for front-line workers only.

The Governor can choose who she comes into contact with and how many people she does come into contact with, she is clearly not a front-line worker. Clearly Kate Brown is not a front line worker as most of her duties can be done remotely and she can choose who she meets with. What the union was mad about was that not only did she take someone else’s place in line, but she cut in line and disrupted the process for her own personal gain.

The frontline workers in Oregon cannot choose who they come into contact with or avoid contact with people generally. Kate Brown has denied one of those high risk workers a vaccine and held up the line for more than an hour for publicity sake, according to the union.

The next group eligible to take vaccines will be on March 29th, it will be people between 45-64, with underlying health conditions only. Kate Brown who is 60 is not known to have any underlying health issues, so she might not even fall into this category, she used her position and her connections to step in line of those in Oregon who needed the vaccine first.

Written by Stephan Ball

Portland City Councilor Suspected in Hit and Run

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Will Seek Referral For New Police Oversight Agency - Willamette Week
Portland City Councilor Jo Ann Hardesty

On Wednesday, Portland City Councilor Jo Ann Hardesty was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run accident. According to Incident Report #2021-57962, police responded to a complaint in which a School Teacher reported that Hardesty had rear-ended her vehicle earlier in the evening, then proceeded driving away from the scene. According to law enforcement sources, Hardesty may have been looking at her phone at the time of the accident. Hardesty has been ardently in support of defunding the police. Perhaps this is why, an apparently lack of discipline in following even the most basic laws is why she wants defunding of the police.

Hardesty is a long time supporter of Antifa, and BLM, and someone who has failed to condemn the violence of those terrorist networks. She supports lawlessness, and the lawless support her.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrats Use Facebook, and Twitter to Censor Critics

Should Facebook Buy Twitter? Only If It Can Fix The Problems
The two main censoring agents used to silence critics of the left.

Literally thousands of voices critical of Democrats nationwide have been silenced. Sources familiar with censoring from both Twitter and Facebook have said that the majority of the employees at both corporations lean to the left, With more and more people leaving both platforms each day, the two companies have collectively lost more than 51 billion dollars since the 2020 Presidential Election.

Big names like Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Steven Crowder, Dennis Prager, and even our beloved President Trump have all been censored, in many cases for simply stating facts that Democrats did not like, with multiple lawsuits in the the works by the aforementioned parties, they legal ramifications have yet to be decided once and for all.

One of the most disturbing trends this reporter discovered was the fact that liberal politicians using both platforms have had people censored for comments made to the politician on a public forum, this is the most flagrant violation of the first amendment, not only are the platforms wrong but the politicians are wrong for not stopping it. Both Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden know this conduct is occurring within Oregon despite it being both against the U.S. Constitution but against the Oregon Constitution in Section 8.

No law shall be passed restraining the
free expression of opinion, or restricting the
right to speak, write, or print freely on any
subject whatever; but every person shall be
responsible for the abuse of this right.

47 U.S. Code § 230 – Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material allows for companies that censor to be protected, notice the censoring is only censoring the right even though the majority of fake news comes from the left. The actual reporting of factual information will get you banned from Twitter and or Facebook. The 2020 election is disputed and many believe it was a soft coup committed by the left, just saying that can get me banned, but I am running no more, any further banning me on either of the two social media platforms will end in a lawsuit. I report the news and under the Oregon Constitution they cannot censor any comment whatsoever, they can however in turn sue me if I am wrong.

According to multiple sources inside of both corporations Democrats are protected online by employees from both Twitter and Facebook, whether or not they are paid by the companies themselves or the politicians remains to be seen.

I contacted Senator Jeff Merkley for comment about his page being protected by Facebook Employees, whether paid to conduct the action by the Merkley campaign or by Facebook it self or some combination thereof. Senator Merkley’s office did not deny that it was occurring, they told me someone would give me comment by today, instead my Facebook was suspended again for a comment informing my readers of why it was previously suspended. Clearly this was them trying to intimidate me from writing the story, as one of those persons who is most vocally critical of Senator Merkley and Senator Wyden I have been suspended from Facebook each time I am critical of them. While awaiting comment from Senator Merkley on whether his campaign was paying Facebook to protect against critical comments and or censor his critics, I was censored by Facebook again.

I have confirmed that at least five Facebook employees actively troll through posts from those on Senators Merkley and Wyden and regularly censor critics, and/or ban them. I reached out to Facebook for comment and they made no effort to get back with me, just as was the same with Senator Wyden. At least Senator Merkley’s office told me they would get back with me, then Facebook suspended me again, I am currently facing appeal.

If you have any information that you were suspended for being critical of any Democrat elected official, or are a member of Facebook or Twitter and would like to comment, please email me at csvelemental@yahoo. com, You will remain anonymous.

Written by Stephan Ball

U.S. Military Troops in D.C. Served Food with Worms and Metal Shavings

US Army | Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos and logotypes
U.S, Army National Guard Soldiers were made to sleep in dangerous conditions, served undercooked, and dangerous food.

More than 75 meals served to U.S. soldiers serving in the nations capital during the Democrat so called crisis have been served food with metal shavings in it. WXYZ News in Detroit said Michigan National Guard troops have thrown out meals due to problems they have found, Many of the soldiers have had to spend their own money on food in the community and do not trust the food being prepared for them by local civilian contractors. With Washington D.C. being a democrat stronghold, and Democrats having a long standing dislike for the military, it is no surprise that there are issues in the mistreatment of our soldiers at the hands of Democrats.

Some of the other local providers contracting to serve the troops have given them by reports, moldy oranges with worms inside, dinner rolls, undercooked meat, and chicken with the feathers still attached. The most damning thing about this for Democrats is with the limited pay our soldiers get they are forced pay for their own food because they do not trust the food provided to them under the Biden administration.

When soldiers were asked to go to D.C. to help Biden keep power after the disputed election, they were forced to sleep on the ground in parking structures, and have been accused to turning their backs on Biden or failing to salute him as is required under common military practice and regulations. While the Biden administration has avoided commenting on whether this is the case or not, it seems the mistreatment of our troops by Democrats will continue under Biden as was the case under Obama.

With affected military members being from Michigan and Minnesota, those states have taken actions such as contacting the Department of the Army and requesting a full investigation, the immediate termination of the contract to provide food to these soldiers and replacing it with a new contractor or per diem food allowances. Both Texas and Florida have recalled their troops already due to the mistreatment.

Written by Stephan Ball