U.S. Military Troops in D.C. Served Food with Worms and Metal Shavings

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U.S, Army National Guard Soldiers were made to sleep in dangerous conditions, served undercooked, and dangerous food.

More than 75 meals served to U.S. soldiers serving in the nations capital during the Democrat so called crisis have been served food with metal shavings in it. WXYZ News in Detroit said Michigan National Guard troops have thrown out meals due to problems they have found, Many of the soldiers have had to spend their own money on food in the community and do not trust the food being prepared for them by local civilian contractors. With Washington D.C. being a democrat stronghold, and Democrats having a long standing dislike for the military, it is no surprise that there are issues in the mistreatment of our soldiers at the hands of Democrats.

Some of the other local providers contracting to serve the troops have given them by reports, moldy oranges with worms inside, dinner rolls, undercooked meat, and chicken with the feathers still attached. The most damning thing about this for Democrats is with the limited pay our soldiers get they are forced pay for their own food because they do not trust the food provided to them under the Biden administration.

When soldiers were asked to go to D.C. to help Biden keep power after the disputed election, they were forced to sleep on the ground in parking structures, and have been accused to turning their backs on Biden or failing to salute him as is required under common military practice and regulations. While the Biden administration has avoided commenting on whether this is the case or not, it seems the mistreatment of our troops by Democrats will continue under Biden as was the case under Obama.

With affected military members being from Michigan and Minnesota, those states have taken actions such as contacting the Department of the Army and requesting a full investigation, the immediate termination of the contract to provide food to these soldiers and replacing it with a new contractor or per diem food allowances. Both Texas and Florida have recalled their troops already due to the mistreatment.

Written by Stephan Ball

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