Portland City Councilor Suspected in Hit and Run

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Will Seek Referral For New Police Oversight Agency - Willamette Week
Portland City Councilor Jo Ann Hardesty

On Wednesday, Portland City Councilor Jo Ann Hardesty was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run accident. According to Incident Report #2021-57962, police responded to a complaint in which a School Teacher reported that Hardesty had rear-ended her vehicle earlier in the evening, then proceeded driving away from the scene. According to law enforcement sources, Hardesty may have been looking at her phone at the time of the accident. Hardesty has been ardently in support of defunding the police. Perhaps this is why, an apparently lack of discipline in following even the most basic laws is why she wants defunding of the police.

Hardesty is a long time supporter of Antifa, and BLM, and someone who has failed to condemn the violence of those terrorist networks. She supports lawlessness, and the lawless support her.

Written by Stephan Ball

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