Kate Brown Cuts in Line For Covid Vaccine.

According to the Grocery Union that represents most of the workers in Oregon and Southwest Washington, Kate Brown cut in line this weekend, in front of people with a higher need than herself to get the Covid 19 Vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. The vaccine is a new one that is a single dose vaccine and is said to have less dangerous side effects than previous two-dose vaccines. This vaccine round was intended for front-line workers only.

The Governor can choose who she comes into contact with and how many people she does come into contact with, she is clearly not a front-line worker. Clearly Kate Brown is not a front line worker as most of her duties can be done remotely and she can choose who she meets with. What the union was mad about was that not only did she take someone else’s place in line, but she cut in line and disrupted the process for her own personal gain.

The frontline workers in Oregon cannot choose who they come into contact with or avoid contact with people generally. Kate Brown has denied one of those high risk workers a vaccine and held up the line for more than an hour for publicity sake, according to the union.

The next group eligible to take vaccines will be on March 29th, it will be people between 45-64, with underlying health conditions only. Kate Brown who is 60 is not known to have any underlying health issues, so she might not even fall into this category, she used her position and her connections to step in line of those in Oregon who needed the vaccine first.

Written by Stephan Ball

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