Major News Networks refuse to talk about a Syrian Immigrant mass shooting after Biden sends air strikes to Syria.

After Biden sends air strikes to Syria a Syrian Immigrant commits a horrible mass shooting. CNN took the opportunity instead to blame high school bullies for his “anti social” behavior which they believe led to the shooting. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa 21 year old gunman who killed 10 in Colorado shooting had anger issues and mental illness according to family because of his name CNN says.

Search of the suspect’s home turned up other weapons, a senior law enforcement source said Tuesday. The weapon used in the attack was an AR-15-style pistol modified with an arm brace, according to the source. The weapon was purchased on March 16th 2021 and then modified before the assault.

The warrant described Alissa as being armed with either an assault rifle or “black AR-15” and wearing a “tactical” or “armored” vest. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa used a Ruger AR-556 pistol, modified with an arm brace, and was also carrying a 9 mm handgun, according to the source. He was not on any FBI list and was able to purchase weapons legally in the US.

Many believe with the Muslim Quran teaching violence and the hostile relationship between Muslim believers and the United States has some bearing on this case. Also, that longer more involved background checks from immigrants be carried out before purchase could have saved US lives.

Nothing about his or his families views on the recent Biden air strikes were even asked. Just that his family felt he had mental health issues from bullying from American kids because of his Muslim name. Typical divisive rhetoric the Left likes to spew.

Interviews with classmates by MSNBC described him as a “great guy who believed strongly in his faith” and said “he had one outburst of anger in high school during a “wrestle off” where he lost and threatened to kill all of the wrestling team and coach. He was cut from the varsity team as a result. They said he did not seem isolated or anything before the shooting.

Syria had more to say about the air strikes than CNN with a simple statement “Syria condemned the attack as a bad sign from the new US administration. The Pentagon said the strike destroyed “multiple facilities” and was ordered in response to attacks against US and coalition personnel in Iraq. Reports one person had been killed but a war monitor reported at least 22 fatalities.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa who at 21 has never held a job after high school owned rural property in Denver and no one has asked how he is so financially independent to afford his lifestyle and weapons.

Not having media ask the tough questions is starting to look an awful lot like media not being able to ask Biden any questions during press and the term “handlers” used to describe those who block media questions from Biden. Media blackouts for asking any questions to Biden is a hit in Australian News as well as News in the UK who find this behavior of a US President odd. Americans are starting to find it odd that our own Major News Networks are having the same media blackout for any hard hitting questions.

Written by Marie Sharp

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